1. 31 Jan, 2016 2 commits
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      RVM-153 : Convert org.mmtk.utility.heap.PageResource#ZERO_ON_RELEASE to a... · 661613f0
      Erik Brangs authored
      RVM-153 : Convert org.mmtk.utility.heap.PageResource#ZERO_ON_RELEASE to a build time constant and set it to true in the stress test run.
      This is implemented by controlling the zeroing of pages with a MMTk property. Prior to this commit, the MMTk property file could only be set by passing the value as argument to Ant (e.g. -Dmmtk.config=sideMarkBit). The changes in this commit allow Jikes RVM config files (e.g. for prototype) to set the mmtk.config property. This allows the gcstress configuration to use a custom MMTk property file that ensures that pages are zeroed on release.
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      RVM-549 : Integrated OpenJDK Test-suite · 9a6c29c5
      Lalit Prasad authored
      Added testing/tests/openjdk folder which tests compliance of JikesRVM with the Java API. The test-suite has been included in the sanity test-run but can also be run by itself with --test-run openjdk. The aim of these tests is to measure progress as we attempt to transition from using the GNU Classpath libraries to the OpenJDK libraries. The success rate of the tests is currently 154/248.
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      Replace all uses of -1 as exit code with more suitable values. · 8968cd8e
      Erik Brangs authored
      According to the documentation in org.jikesrvm.runtime.ExitStatus, an
      exit code of -1 will get mapped to 0 (i.e. success) by Cygwin. That's
      obviously not desirable so all uses of -1 in Jikes RVM have been
      replaced with EXIT_STATUS_MISC_TROUBLE. In MMTk +2 has been used instead
      of -1 (EXIT_STATUS_PRINTED_HELP_MESSAGE in Jikes RVM already uses +1).
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      RVM-966 : Add a regression test for RVM-966. · ae529b4a
      Erik Brangs authored
      This commit also updates the runCompareTest Ant macro with support for setting an expected exit code. In addition, when a test fails with an unexpected exit code the explanation will now show which code was expected and which was returned.
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  21. 20 Nov, 2015 1 commit
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      RVM-1063 : Do not replace int-typed (i.e. 32-bit) registers with · 959a083e
      Erik Brangs authored
      MemoryOperands when doing register allocation on x64.
      In the current code, operations that should be 32-bit according to the
      types of the registers (i.e. TypeReference.Int) can be changed to 64-bit
      due to the introduction of spill locations (which are always 64-bit
      In Da Feng's patch set for x64, GenericStackManager saves the type of
      the currently processed operand and StackManager uses 32-bit spill
      locations instead of 64-bit spill locations when the typing requires it.
      This makes the whole operation 32-bit. I think that this approach is
      incorrect in the general case because it is not guaranteed that the
      spill location's address fits in 32 bits.
      This commit changes the StackManager to make sure that the values of
      int-typed registers are in registers when the register's type is int.
      This prevents potential problems with addressing.
  22. 05 Nov, 2015 1 commit