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    [svn r479] Getting source from svn and cvs now tar up their respective directories without · d661e952
    jzigman authored
    including the meta-data subdirectories in the tar ball and additionally they
    force the file date to be constant to ensure a consistent tar ball.
    Downloads of source files, svn or cvs repositories now work as follows:
    1) if no MD5 checksum exists
         the file(s) are downloaded (and tarred)
         an MD5 checksum is generated
         if the file(s) checksum does not match the existing checksum then
           the file(s) are downloaded (and tarred)
           and the existing checksum is verified to ensure correct behaviour
    Added MD5 checksums for the additional downloads for geronimo (activemq, catalina,
    jasper and jasper-el).  Updated existing MD5 checksums affected by the changed
    tar ball generation.
    Updated a couple of MD5 that seemed to apply to earlier versions.