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Commit 1677161e authored by john's avatar john
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added missing digest library

parent ad34237a
* Copyright (c) 2009 The Australian National University.
* All rights reserved. This program and the accompanying materials
* are made available under the terms of the Apache License v2.0.
* You may obtain the license at
<project name="bcel" default="all" basedir="../..">
<description>DaCapo Digest Library</description>
<property environment="env"/>
<property file="ant/"/>
<property name="lib-name" value="dacapo-digest"/>
<import file="../common.xml"/>
<target name="jar" depends="build">
<jar destfile="${lib-jars}/${lib-name}.jar" basedir="${lib-build-dir}"/>
<copy file="${lib-build-dir}/${lib-name}-${lib-version}/lib/${lib-jar}" tofile="${lib-output-dir}/jar/${lib-jar}" />
<copy file="${lib-build-dir}/${lib-name}-${lib-version}/lib/${lib-commons-jar}" tofile="${lib-output-dir}/jar/${lib-commons-jar}" />
<target name="build" depends="build.init">
<javac srcdir="${lib-src-dir}" destdir="${lib-build-dir}" debug="true" debuglevel="lines,vars,source"/>
<target name="build.init">
<mkdir dir="${lib-build-dir}"/>
<mkdir dir="${lib-output-dir}/jar/${libs-jar}"/>
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