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Commit 2343f4ff authored by steveb-oss's avatar steveb-oss
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[svn r739] clarify source version info

parent 90064fd6
......@@ -109,7 +109,7 @@ BUILDING:
target: source
================================= -->
<target name="source" depends="set-build-version-info">
<echo file="SOURCE_README.txt">This source distribution was built from DaCapo ${build.nickname} version ${build.version}${line.separator}</echo>
<echo file="SOURCE_VERSION.txt">This source distribution was built from DaCapo release ${build.version} "${build.nickname}"${line.separator}</echo>
<zip destfile="" level="9" whenempty="create">
<zipfileset dir="${basedir}/.." defaultexcludes="yes" filemode="755">
......@@ -117,7 +117,7 @@ BUILDING:
<zipfileset dir="${basedir}/.." defaultexcludes="yes">
<!-- add source readme indicating where this is from -->
<include name="benchmarks/SOURCE_README.txt"/>
<include name="benchmarks/SOURCE_VERSION.txt"/>
<!-- benchmark top level source -->
<include name="benchmarks/*.xml"/>
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