Commit 2ee61d18 authored by John Zhang's avatar John Zhang

fix: use script command to enable tty to run gitlab-runner locally

When trying to locally test the CI problem, there was another
issue with running gitlab-runner locally.
It seems that during the deploy stage of building DayTrader,
Geronimo tries to execute `stty -icanon min 1 < /dev/tty` command.
It causes the whole thing to hang.
The reason might be that tty is not enabled in gitlab-runner.
I found a hacky
[solution ](
that uses the script command to emulate tty. And it seems to work.
parent 2810aae6
......@@ -70,15 +70,15 @@ tomcat:
- ant tomcat
- java -jar dacapo.jar tomcat
# tradebeans:
# script:
# - ant tradebeans
# - java -jar dacapo.jar tradebeans
- script -q scriptfile ant tradebeans
- script -q scriptfile java -jar dacapo.jar tradebeans
# tradesoap:
# script:
# - ant tradesoap
# - java -jar dacapo.jar tradesoap
- script -q scriptfile ant tradesoap
- script -q scriptfile java -jar dacapo.jar tradesoap
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