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Commit 5022f3e2 authored by John Zhang's avatar John Zhang
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build versioning

- specify `dacapo.version` and `dacapo.nickname` in file;
- build versino is dacapo version + git hash; this can be overwritten by cmd args;
- use `` as output jar name; append build version to jar name.
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......@@ -175,7 +175,7 @@
<target name="complete">
<unjar src="${jar-target}" dest="${bm-output-dir}" overwrite="yes">
<unjar src="${}" dest="${bm-output-dir}" overwrite="yes">
<include name="doc/menu.html"/>
......@@ -188,7 +188,7 @@
<copy file="${temp.file}" tofile="${bm-output-dir}/doc/menu.html"/>
<delete file="${temp.file}"/>
<jar jarfile="${jar-target}" basedir="${bm-output-dir}" update="true"/>
<jar jarfile="${}" basedir="${bm-output-dir}" update="true"/>
......@@ -105,7 +105,7 @@ BUILDING:
<target name="extract-git-revision" depends="check-git-present" if="git.present">
<exec executable="${git.exe}" failonerror="no" failifexecutionfails="no">
<arg line="show --abbrev-commit HEAD"/>
<redirector outputproperty="git.revision">
<redirector outputproperty="git.hash">
<regexp pattern="^commit [a-z0-9]+$"/>
......@@ -118,14 +118,17 @@ BUILDING:
<target name="get-git-revision" depends="extract-git-revision" unless="git.revision">
<target name="get-git-revision" depends="extract-git-revision" unless="git.hash">
<!-- set property if not already set -->
<property name="git.revision" value="unknown"/>
<property name="git.hash" value="unknown"/>
<target name="set-build-version-info" depends="get-git-revision">
<property name="build.nickname" value="development"/>
<property name="build.version" value="head-r${git.revision}"/>
<property name="build.nickname" value="${dacapo.nickname}"/>
<!-- overwritable with -Dbuild.version on commandline-->
<property name="build.version" value="${dacapo.version}+${git.hash}"/>
<!-- set target jar name -->
<property name="" value="dacapo-${build.version}.jar"/>
<target name="init" depends="set-build-version-info">
......@@ -234,7 +237,7 @@ BUILDING:
target: dist
================================= -->
<target name="dist" depends="harness,compile">
<move file="dacapo.jar" tofile="dacapo-${DSTAMP}.jar"/>
<move file="${}" tofile="dacapo-${DSTAMP}.jar"/>
<target name="doc" depends="init,bootstrap,harness" description="make the top level documentation">
......@@ -270,7 +273,7 @@ BUILDING:
<!-- construct the base jar -->
<jar jarfile="${jar-target}" basedir="${}" update="false" manifest="${}/MANIFEST.MF" excludes="MANIFEST.MF"/>
<jar jarfile="${}" basedir="${}" update="false" manifest="${}/MANIFEST.MF" excludes="MANIFEST.MF"/>
<target name="clean-bootstrap" depends="init">
......@@ -358,6 +361,7 @@ See ${} for a summary of benchmark build status.
<arg value="-Dtoolsdir=${toolsdir}"/>
<arg value="-Dbuild.time=${build.time}"/>
<arg value="${}"/>
<arg value="${}"/>
<arg value="-buildfile"/>
<arg value="bms/@{benchmark}/build.xml"/>
<arg value="incremental"/>
# DaCapo version
# Common properties for the dacapo benchmarks
......@@ -12,5 +16,3 @@ sfdata.url=
......@@ -64,6 +64,6 @@
<target name="jar">
<jar jarfile="${jar-target}" basedir="${output-parent-dir}" update="true"/>
<jar jarfile="${}" basedir="${output-parent-dir}" update="true"/>
......@@ -70,6 +70,6 @@
<target name="jar"/>
<target name="complete">
<jar jarfile="${jar-target}" basedir="${lib-output-dir}" update="true"/>
<jar jarfile="${}" basedir="${lib-output-dir}" update="true"/>
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