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Commit 572c3628 authored by John Zhang's avatar John Zhang
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remove JDK6 requirement in updated Derby 10.14

parent 2e0f9fa2
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...@@ -30,16 +30,8 @@ ...@@ -30,16 +30,8 @@
<include name="*.jar"/> <include name="*.jar"/>
</fileset> </fileset>
</copy> </copy>
<exec executable="${ant.home}/bin/ant" dir="${lib-build-top}" failonerror="yes"> <ant dir="${lib-build-top}" target="all"/>
<arg line="all"/> <ant dir="${lib-build-top}" target="buildjars"/>
<arg line="-Dj16lib=${j16lib}"/>
<env key="JAVA_HOME" value="${jdk16home}"/>
<exec executable="${ant.home}/bin/ant" dir="${lib-build-top}" failonerror="yes">
<arg line="buildjars"/>
<arg line="-Dj16lib=${j16lib}"/>
<env key="JAVA_HOME" value="${jdk16home}"/>
</target> </target>
<target name="jar"> <target name="jar">
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