Commit 5b0191c1 authored by Rui Chen's avatar Rui Chen

[Xalan] Deleted the property ant.install in Xalan, as it breaks the building

parent 9e6a780e
Pipeline #2107 canceled with stage
......@@ -26,7 +26,6 @@
<target name="bm-build" depends="xerces">
<exec dir="${xalan-top}" executable="ant">
<env key="CLASSPATH" value=".:${xerces-jars}/${xerces-impl-jar-name}:${xerces-jars}/${xerces-api-jar-name}"/>
<env key="ANT_HOME" value="${ant.install}"/>
<mkdir dir="${bm-build-dir}/benchmark"/>
<javac srcdir="${bm-src-dir}" source="1.5" classpath="${xalan-top}/build/xalan.jar"
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