Commit 656958e8 authored by John Zhang's avatar John Zhang

make graphchi work with huge data refactor

parent 02b64291
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......@@ -29,19 +29,6 @@
<os family="windows"/>
<target name="source">
<antcall target="check-source">
<param name="target-dir" value="${bm-downloads}"/>
<param name="target-url" value="${netflix-mm-url}"/>
<param name="target-file" value="${netflix-mm-dl}"/>
<antcall target="check-source">
<param name="target-dir" value="${bm-downloads}"/>
<param name="target-url" value="${livejournal-url}"/>
<param name="target-file" value="${livejournal-dl}"/>
<target name="unpack" depends="untar, patch"/>
<target name="bm-build">
......@@ -51,15 +38,7 @@
<target name="data">
<mkdir dir="${bm-data}/${bm-name}"/>
<gunzip src="${bm-downloads}/${netflix-mm-dl}" dest="${bm-data}/${bm-name}"/>
<gunzip src="${bm-downloads}/${livejournal-dl}" dest="${bm-data}/${bm-name}"/>
<zip destfile="${bm-dat}/${bm-name}.zip">
<fileset dir="${bm-data}/" includes="${bm-name}/**"/>
<delete dir="${bm-data}/${bm-name}"/>
<target name="data"/>
<target name="jar">
<copy file="${bm-build-dir}/target/${bm-name}-java-${bm-version}-jar-with-dependencies.jar"
......@@ -4,8 +4,8 @@ benchmark graphchi
jars "graphchi-0.2.2.jar";
// TODO: calibrate & validate
size netflix args "ALSMatrixFactorization", "${SCRATCH}/graphchi/netflix_mm", "10";
size livejournal args "Pagerank", "${SCRATCH}/graphchi/soc-LiveJournal1.txt", "10", "edgelist";
size netflix args "ALSMatrixFactorization", "${DATA}/graphchi/netflix_mm", "10";
size livejournal args "Pagerank", "${DATA}/graphchi/soc-LiveJournal1.txt", "10", "edgelist";
short "A disk-based graph computation engine.",
......@@ -19,15 +19,15 @@ public class GraphChi extends Benchmark {
private String[] args;
private Class<?> cls;
public GraphChi(Config config, File scratch) throws Exception {
super(config, scratch, false);
public GraphChi(Config config, File scratch, File data) throws Exception {
super(config, scratch, data, false);
protected void prepare(String size) throws Exception {
String[] config_args = config.preprocessArgs(size, scratch);
String[] config_args = config.preprocessArgs(size, scratch, data);
String strAppClsName = config_args[0];
args = Arrays.copyOfRange(config_args, 1, config_args.length);
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