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[svn r487] Added note for status file, updated description section of ant build.xml.

parent 5ca0ff09
<project name="DacapoBenchmarks" default="dist" basedir=".">
<property name="toolsdir" location="../tools"/>
<property name="log.dir" value="${basedir}/log"/>
<format property="build.time" pattern="yyyyMMdd-hhmm"/>
The DaCapo Benchmark Suite
......@@ -33,14 +36,21 @@ BUILDING:
4. Run ant:
ant [builds all benchmarks]
ant bm [builds a specific benchmark, bm]
5. A log of directory is created under this benchmark directory
for benchmark build status and build success or failure files
to be stored. The directory log directory is normally of the
and contains status.txt where each benchmark build status is recorded,
and either pass.txt if all benchmarks build, or fail.txt if one or
more benchmarks fail to build. Note: that either fail.txt or pass.txt
is created when a full build is performed.
<property file=""/>
<property file=""/>
<property file=""/>
<format property="build.time" pattern="yyyyMMdd-hhmm"/>
<property name="" value="${log.dir}/${build.time}"/>
<property name="" value="${log.dir}/${build.time}/status.txt"/>
<property name="" value="${log.dir}/${build.time}/pass.txt"/>
......@@ -82,7 +92,10 @@ BUILDING:
<!-- Build -->
<!-- *************************************************************************** -->
<target name="" if="build.failed">
<echo level="error" message="build: FAIL${line.separator}"/>
<echo level="error">
build: FAIL
See ${} for a summary of benchmark build status.
<echo file="${}" level="error" message="build: FAIL${line.separator}"/>
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