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Commit ceb03c2b authored by steveb-oss's avatar steveb-oss
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[svn r742] Undo temporary cvs workaround for avrora

parent b254907a
benchmark avrora
class org.dacapo.harness.Avrora
thread-model single
jar "avrora-cvs-20091223.jar";
jar "avrora-cvs-20091224.jar";
size small args "-seconds=30",
......@@ -13,7 +13,7 @@
<property name="bm-name" value="avrora" />
<property name="bm-cvs-root" value="" />
<property name="bm-cvs-date" value="20091223" />
<property name="bm-cvs-date" value="20091224" />
<property name="bm-cvs-package" value="${bm-name}" />
<property name="bm-version" value="cvs-${bm-cvs-date}" />
<property name="bm-src" value="${bm-name}-${bm-version}-src.tar.gz" />
......@@ -235,7 +235,7 @@
<property name="cvs-tmp" value="cvs-${build.time}"/>
<mkdir dir="${cvs-tmp}"/>
<echo message="Date is: ${cvs-date}"/>
<cvs cvsRoot="${cvs-root}" dest="${cvs-tmp}" package="${cvs-package}" date="${cvs-date} 06:00:00 Z" compression="yes" failonerror="yes" />
<cvs cvsRoot="${cvs-root}" dest="${cvs-tmp}" package="${cvs-package}" date="${cvs-date} 00:00:00 Z" compression="yes" failonerror="yes" />
<!-- since timestamps are kept in tar balls we force to a date before the dacapo project start -->
<tar destfile="${target-filename}" basedir="${cvs-tmp}" compression="gzip" excludes=".cvs*/**,**/.cvs*/**"/>
<!-- <delete dir="${cvs-tmp}"/> -->
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