1. 27 Apr, 2018 3 commits
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      fix: DayTrader GitLab CI problem (Issue #16) · 006ac6ca
      John Zhang authored
      The problem was because Geronimo server wants to read from stdin.
      GitLab runner doesn't provide stdin, so it just reads an EOF and quits.
      This is why GBeans is not running.
      Thus the solution is to keep stdin open for the duration of the benchmark.
      Setting a time out (120 seconds) with `sleep` command seems to work.
      NOTE: this value may need to be modified on slower machines.
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      fix: use script command to enable tty to run gitlab-runner locally · 2ee61d18
      John Zhang authored
      When trying to locally test the CI problem, there was another
      issue with running gitlab-runner locally.
      It seems that during the deploy stage of building DayTrader,
      Geronimo tries to execute `stty -icanon min 1 < /dev/tty` command.
      It causes the whole thing to hang.
      The reason might be that tty is not enabled in gitlab-runner.
      I found a hacky
      [solution ](https://gitlab.com/gitlab-org/gitlab-runner/issues/1021)
      that uses the script command to emulate tty. And it seems to work.
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      Merge branch 'callback-path-fix' into 'master' · 2810aae6
      John Zhang authored
      Callback path fix
      See merge request !11
  2. 23 Apr, 2018 1 commit
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  4. 20 Apr, 2018 3 commits
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      fix: fop's dependency on batik · 7e8a956b
      John Zhang authored
      If batik is built before fop, fop's lib dependency on batik
      will overwrite the patched batik jar.
      There was a previous commit that attempts to deal with the issue,
      but it created dependency not found problem when
      fop is the only one built.
      This commit properly deals with the issue by renaming the
      batik jar that fop depends on, thus not overwriting the patched
      batik benchmark.
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      fix: callback path issue (Issue #20) · e51633dc
      John Zhang authored
      The path for harness in the target dacapo.jar
      has been put under the harness/ prefix.
      This caused incompatibility problems with previous releases.
      This commit fixes this problem.
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