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      Separated harness and additional benchmark code. · ad34237a
      john authored
      Separated Digest into a separate library for inclusion in Tomcat and default Harness.
      Removed dependency in H2 benchmark code on Config (and commons cli).
      Top-level harness now loads classes through a separate class loader, which has a
      common parent with the benchmark class loader, but is not itself an ancestor or the
      benchmark class loader.  This isolates harness code from benchmark code.
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      [svn r494] The default download that runs through downloads.sourceforge.net... · 88eb81ac
      jzigman authored
      [svn r494] The default download that runs through downloads.sourceforge.net redirects to a mirror site,
      for some reason a recent change means that ANT <GET> does not follow the redirection correctly
      and instead of the target file nsis-2.37.zip the HTML redirection page is downloaded.  A
      patch file has been added which changes the base URL for the sourceforge downloads from
      which is one of the USA based download mirrors for sourceforge listed on the sourceforge
      web site.
  12. 06 Feb, 2009 1 commit
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      [svn r441] Basic tomcat benchmark: · 1f35c628
      rgarner authored
       - Starts tomcat on port 7080
       - Creates a number of client threads, which work through the tomcat examples
       - Deletes the jsp cache between iterations so as to capture the jsp compilation