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  1. 29 Jan, 2018 2 commits
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      Update digest checksum · e66c5b4c
      John Zhang authored
       - changed checking from stderr to stdout;
       - updated checksum;
       - use `braces.xml` and `text` format to produce some output on the
      `xsmall` size;
       - patch a problematic code in PMD `` which closes
      output stream after flushing. This causes null pointer error when DaCapo
      tries to close TeePrintStream again.
    • John Zhang's avatar
      WIP: PMD 5.7.0 now compiles · da6879cc
      John Zhang authored
      PMD 5.7.0 use Maven as its build system. The `build.xml` for the
      benchmark has been changed to call Maven.
      Also, it requires Java JDK toolchain to be configured for Maven. A
      shell script has been added to generate the toolchain.xml file.
      Note that during the building process, PMD requires both 1.7 and 1.8
      toolchain to be configured. A clean solution would require the JDK7 to
      be installed on the platfor along with JDK8/9. This requirement can be
      annoying. Therefore the generated toolchain.xml file
      has a hack such that if the platform java version is >= 1.8, it will
      generate two entries (1.7 and the actual version) that point to the same
      JDK directory.
      Also the download link for the release has been changed to GitHub.
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