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Commit 2810aae6 authored by John Zhang's avatar John Zhang

Merge branch 'callback-path-fix' into 'master'

Callback path fix

See merge request !11
parents c279a662 a3c2867c
Pipeline #2207 failed with stage
in 159 minutes and 10 seconds
......@@ -23,7 +23,7 @@
<property name="bm-doc-dir" value="${bm-files}/doc"/>
<property name="bm-output-dir" value="${bm-files}/dist"/>
<property name="bm-output-doc-dir" value="${bm-files}/dist/doc/${bm-name}"/>
<property name="bm-output-harness-dir" value="${bm-files}/dist/harness"/>
<property name="bm-output-harness-dir" value="${bm-files}/dist"/>
<property name="bm-output-benchmark-dir" value="${bm-files}/dist/benchmark"/>
<property name="bm-deps-output-dir" value="${bm-files}/deps"/>
<property name="bm-data" value="${bm-files}/data"/>
......@@ -37,7 +37,7 @@
<property name="bm-dat" value="${bm-output-dir}/dat"/>
<property name="bm-cnf" value="${bm-output-dir}/cnf"/>
<property name="harness-classpath" value="harness/dist/harness"/>
<property name="harness-classpath" value="harness/dist/"/>
<target name="all" depends="source,svn-source,cvs-source,hg-source,pre-build,build,complete"/>
......@@ -266,8 +266,8 @@ BUILDING:
<copy file="${basedir}/RELEASE_NOTES.txt" todir="${}"/>
<!-- this forms the base document section -->
<copy file="${basedir}/../LICENSE" todir="${}"/>
<copy file="${basedir}/../" todir="${}"/>
<copy file="${basedir}/../LICENSE" todir="${}"/>
<copy file="${basedir}/../" todir="${}"/>
<copy file="${basedir}/RELEASE_NOTES.txt" todir="${}" />
<copy todir="${}">
......@@ -11,8 +11,8 @@
<LI><A HREF="LICENSE.txt" TARGET="MAIN">License</A></LI>
<LI><A HREF="README.txt" TARGET="MAIN">Readme</A></LI>
<LI><A HREF="" TARGET="MAIN">Readme</A></LI>
<LI><A HREF="RELEASE_NOTES.txt" TARGET="MAIN">Release Notes</A></LI>
......@@ -9,9 +9,8 @@
<property name="base-dir" value="harness"/>
<property name="src" value="${base-dir}/src"/>
<property name="output-parent-dir" value="${base-dir}/dist"/>
<property name="output-dir" value="${output-parent-dir}/harness"/>
<property name="output-doc-dir" value="${output-parent-dir}/doc/harness"/>
<property name="output-dir" value="${base-dir}/dist"/>
<property name="output-doc-dir" value="${output-dir}/doc/harness"/>
<property name="build-dir" value="${base-dir}/build"/>
<property name="harness-downloads" value="${base-dir}/downloads"/>
......@@ -25,7 +24,7 @@
<target name="all" depends="clean,init,harness,jar"/>
<target name="clean">
<delete dir="${output-parent-dir}"/>
<delete dir="${output-dir}"/>
<delete dir="${build-dir}"/>
......@@ -65,6 +64,6 @@
<target name="jar">
<jar jarfile="${}" basedir="${output-parent-dir}" update="true"/>
<jar jarfile="${}" basedir="${output-dir}" update="true"/>
......@@ -20,7 +20,7 @@ public class Harness {
// The DaCapo Harness is in a separate library within the dacapo.jar
// allowing a separate class loader to be used for loading the dacapo harness
private static final String HARNESS_PATH = "harness/";
private static final String HARNESS_PATH = "org/dacapo/harness";
private static final String HARNESS_CLASS = "org.dacapo.harness.TestHarness";
private static final String HARNESS_METHOD = "main";
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