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Commit 0d987d4f authored by Pavel Zakopaylo's avatar Pavel Zakopaylo
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Spec compliance; added new comminsts

parent b795ac6a
......@@ -146,6 +146,8 @@ data CommInst
| CiUvmIrbuilderNewNewthread
| CiUvmIrbuilderNewSwapstack
| CiUvmIrbuilderNewComminst
| CiUvmExtPrintStats
| CiUvmExtClearStats
deriving (Generic, Show)
instance Binary CommInst
......@@ -399,3 +401,5 @@ instance Enum CommInst where
fromEnum CiUvmIrbuilderNewNewthread = 0x34c
fromEnum CiUvmIrbuilderNewSwapstack = 0x34d
fromEnum CiUvmIrbuilderNewComminst = 0x34e
fromEnum CiUvmExtPrintStats = 0xc001
fromEnum CiUvmExtClearStats = 0xc002
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