Commit 3d8fbc26 authored by John Zhang's avatar John Zhang

make jobs option

parent f3bbb0e5
......@@ -197,7 +197,11 @@ class MuBundleGen:
if self.mu_config.codegen == 'c':
self.log.gen_boot_image("writing C files...")
mf, exe = self.rmu.get_global_apilogger().genc(py.path.local(targetname).basename)
extra_opts = []
make_jobs = get_translation_config().translation.make_jobs
if make_jobs != 1:
extra_opts += ['-j', str(make_jobs)]
platform.execute_makefile(mf, extra_opts)
exec 'from rpython.rlib.rmu.%s import eci as rmu_eci' % self.mu_config.impl
r = platform.execute(exe, compilation_info=locals()['rmu_eci'])
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