Commit 428c3394 authored by John Zhang's avatar John Zhang

correct condition for float cast

parent 9bfd9710
......@@ -1414,7 +1414,7 @@ class LL2MuMapper:
elif isinstance(SRC, mutype.MuFloatType) and isinstance(RES, mutype.MuFloatType):
if SRC == mutype.MU_FLOAT and RES == mutype.MU_DOUBLE:
optr = 'FPEXT'
elif RES == mutype.MU_DOUBLE and SRC == mutype.MU_FLOAT:
elif SRC == mutype.MU_DOUBLE and RES == mutype.MU_FLOAT:
optr = 'FPTRUNC'
# this happens because rffi.LONGDOUBLE is translated as MU_DOUBLE
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