Commit 8a2009d3 authored by Isaac Oscar Gariano's avatar Isaac Oscar Gariano

Use 'env' log level by default

parent 3d8fbc26
......@@ -67,7 +67,7 @@ class MuBundleGen:
sep = ' '
if 'log-level' not in self.mu_config.vmargs:
config_items.append('--log-level=' + os.environ.get('MU_LOG_LEVEL', 'none'))
config_items.append('--log-level=' + os.environ.get('MU_LOG_LEVEL', 'env'))
if 'emit-dir' not in self.mu_config.vmargs:
config_items.append('--aot-emit-dir=' + 'emit')
for lib in self.db.merged_eci.libraries:
  • This is problematic. It's basically saying 'if MU_LOG_LEVEL is not defined set --log-level=env'. But then Zebu will check MU_LOG_LEVEL which is not defined, right?

  • Oh woops, stupid me, you should just delete the line entirely, and let zebu handle determining what the log level should be. (Which by default is 'env' (which will be stored in boot images) and when vm's are created/resumed it will use MU_LOG_LEVEL if set, otherwise None).

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