Commit e1810c15 authored by Holger Krekel's avatar Holger Krekel

issue5 testing

a draft for a small README file at toplevel.  It points
as discussed just to a few good entry points.
parent 05f5b34b
PyPy: Python in Python implementation Version 0.6
Welcome to PyPy! PyPy-0.6 is the first public release
after two years of spare-time and half a year of European Union
funded development from a multitude of people and organizations.
We invested a lot of time in improving the documentation and
website and thus invite you to head over to our getting-started
which gives you many good starting and entry points into
using and playing with PyPy.
Our release announcement has more in-depth information
about this release.
Please freel free to contact or join us in one of the ways
listed in our contact page:
Enjoy and send us feedback!
the pypy-dev team <>
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