Commit fe2dbf5d authored by Armin Rigo's avatar Armin Rigo

Issue 1895: test and fix for the file's locks on multithreaded apps with fork()

parent 5366fbae
......@@ -32,6 +32,17 @@ class ExecutionContext(object):
self.compiler = space.createcompiler()
self.profilefunc = None
self.w_profilefuncarg = None
self.thread_disappeared = False # might be set to True after os.fork()
def _mark_thread_disappeared(space):
# Called in the child process after os.fork() by
# Marks all ExecutionContexts except the current one
# with 'thread_disappeared = True'.
me = space.getexecutioncontext()
for ec in space.threadlocals.getallvalues().values():
if ec is not me:
ec.thread_disappeared = True
def gettopframe(self):
return self.topframeref()
......@@ -34,8 +34,12 @@ class W_AbstractStream(W_Root):
# this function runs with the GIL acquired so there is no race
# condition in the creation of the lock
me = # used as thread ident
if self.slockowner is me:
return False # already acquired by the current thread
if self.slockowner is not None:
if self.slockowner is me:
return False # already acquired by the current thread
if self.slockowner.thread_disappeared:
self.slockowner = None
self.slock = None
if self.slock is None:
self.slock =
......@@ -10,6 +10,7 @@ from rpython.rtyper.module.ll_os import RegisterOs
from pypy.interpreter.gateway import unwrap_spec
from pypy.interpreter.error import OperationError, wrap_oserror, wrap_oserror2
from pypy.interpreter.executioncontext import ExecutionContext
from pypy.module.sys.interp_encoding import getfilesystemencoding
......@@ -721,6 +722,8 @@ def add_fork_hook(where, hook):
add_fork_hook('child', ExecutionContext._mark_thread_disappeared)
def run_fork_hooks(where, space):
for hook in get_fork_hooks(where):
import py
import sys, os, subprocess
CODE = """
import sys, os, thread, time
fd1, fd2 = os.pipe()
f1 = os.fdopen(fd1, 'r', 0)
f2 = os.fdopen(fd2, 'w', 0)
def f():
print "thread started"
x =
assert x == "X"
print "thread exit"
thread.start_new_thread(f, ())
if os.fork() == 0: # in the child
x =
assert x == "Y"
print "ok!"
f2.write("X") # in the parent
f2.write("Y") # in the parent
def test_thread_fork_file_lock():
if not hasattr(os, 'fork'):
py.test.skip("requires 'fork'")
output = subprocess.check_output([sys.executable, '-u', '-c', CODE])
assert output.splitlines() == [
'thread started',
'thread exit',
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