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......@@ -43,7 +43,7 @@ Some of these changes are acknowledged and committed on the PyPy upstream, some
$ git apply pypy.patch
$ git apply *.patch
......@@ -82,3 +82,31 @@ Why not try compiling the PyPy interpreter (currently with some limitations)?
$ $MU/tools/ --staticCheck=false --sourceInfo=false --vmLog=ERROR --sosSize=780M --losSize=780M $PYPY_MU/pypy/bin/pypy-mu
Note: when building the pypy interpreter, put the boot image under pypy/bin, so that PyPy can initialise the path correctly.
What can I contribute?
Please have a look at `issues <>`__,
but in general we need help in following areas:
- Retargetting RPython JIT to Mu
- Adding more RPython level optimizations
- Getting more modules working on Mu (including Holstien and Zebu).
Where can I get help?
Following sections are kindly borrowed from `mu-client-ghc <>`__.
This project is under active development, at present by Zixian Cai (,
to whom you should direct most (code-related) questions.
Previous work was done by John Zhang (,
Timm Allman ( and Ben Kushigian ( - they may be in a better position to
answer certain questions about some of the existing code, but bear in mind that
they are not currently working on this project and thus generally have other
things to do with their time.
Administrative inquiries should be sent to the supervisors - namely Steve
Blackburn ( and Tony Hosking
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