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Commit 78fb34b0 authored by Armin Rigo's avatar Armin Rigo


parent 4cd5cdbc
......@@ -707,19 +707,7 @@ class W_BytesObject(W_AbstractBytesObject):
new_is_unicode = space.isinstance_w(w_new, space.w_unicode)
if old_is_unicode or new_is_unicode:
self_as_uni = unicode_from_encoded_object(space, self, None, None)
if not old_is_unicode:
w_old = unicode_from_encoded_object(space, w_old, None, None)
if not new_is_unicode:
w_new = unicode_from_encoded_object(space, w_new, None, None)
input = self_as_uni._val(space)
sub = self_as_uni._op_val(space, w_old)
by = self_as_uni._op_val(space, w_new)
res = replace(input, sub, by, count)
except OverflowError:
raise oefmt(space.w_OverflowError,
"replace string is too long")
return self_as_uni._new(res)
return self_as_uni.descr_replace(space, w_old, w_new, count)
return self._StringMethods_descr_replace(space, w_old, w_new, count)
_StringMethods_descr_join = descr_join
......@@ -956,10 +956,12 @@ class AppTestUnicodeString:
assert not u'a'.isnumeric()
assert u'\u2460'.isnumeric() # CIRCLED DIGIT ONE
def test_replace_autoconvert(self):
def test_replace_str_unicode(self):
res = 'one!two!three!'.replace(u'!', u'@', 1)
assert res == u'one@two!three!'
assert type(res) == unicode
raises(UnicodeDecodeError, '\x80'.replace, 'a', u'b')
raises(UnicodeDecodeError, '\x80'.replace, u'a', 'b')
def test_join_subclass(self):
class UnicodeSubclass(unicode):
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