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Commit d21aa03e authored by Armin Rigo's avatar Armin Rigo

Add an official header with comments for using

parent 455d71bb
#ifndef _PYPY_H_
#define _PYPY_H_
/* This header is meant to be included in programs that use PyPy as an
embedded library. */
#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C" {
/* You should call this first once. */
void rpython_startup_code(void);
/* Initialize the home directory of PyPy. It is necessary to call this.
Call it with "home" being the file name of the, for
example; it will be used as a starting point when searching for the
lib-python and lib_pypy directories. They are searched from
"home/..", "home/../..", etc. Returns 0 if everything was fine. If
an error occurs, returns 1 and (if verbose != 0) prints some
information to stderr.
int pypy_setup_home(char *home, int verbose);
/* If your program has multiple threads, then you need to call
pypy_init_threads() once at init time, and then pypy_thread_attach()
once in each other thread that just started and in which you want to
use pypy_execute_source().
void pypy_init_threads(void);
void pypy_thread_attach(void);
/* The main entry point: executes "source" as plain Python code.
Returns 0 if everything was fine. If a Python exception is
uncaught, it is printed to stderr and 1 is returned.
Usually, the Python code from "source" should use cffi to fill in
global variables of "function pointer" type in your program. Use
cffi callbacks to do so. Once it is done, there is no need to call
pypy_execute_source() any more: from C, you call directly the
functions (which are "callbacks" from the point of view of Python).
int pypy_execute_source(char *source);
#ifdef __cplusplus
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