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    Antonio Cuni authored
    The most important changes are:
    1) trunk/pypy/lib has been moved to trunk/lib_pypy: the code there is really
    pure python and should not depend on pypy.  However, some of the tests existed
    as AppLevel tests: since they need to be run inside the pypy/ package, they
    have been moved to pypy/module/test_lib_pypy.  Also, a custom conftest makes
    py.test module/test_lib_pypy also run the tests in ../lib_pypy
    2) sys.pypy_prefix has been removed. Instead, sys.prefix and sys.exec_prefix
    (which are always the same) are added.  The prefix is searched at runtime,
    starting from the directory where the pypy executable resides and walking up
    until it finds the expected directoris (lib-python and lib_pypy)
    The layout of the svn checkout has been designed in a way that it will be
    possibile to run virtualenv -p translator/goal/pypy-c, without needing to
    install pypy system-wide
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