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Commit 07c4183f authored by Isaac Oscar Gariano's avatar Isaac Oscar Gariano
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Dumped unneeded VM fiels as empty hashmaps instead of null bytes

parent e9d49a43
......@@ -62,9 +62,6 @@ pub struct VM { // The comments are the offset into the struct
pub primordial: RwLock<Option<MuPrimordialThread>>, // +568
pub vm_options: VMOptions, // +624
// WARNING: It will segfault if you try to acquire a lock, after loading a dump,
// from one of the fields that aren't dumped
// ---partially serialize---
compiled_funcs: RwLock<HashMap<MuID, RwLock<CompiledFunction>>>, // +728
......@@ -104,9 +101,19 @@ unsafe impl rodal::Dump for VM {
// Dump an emepty hashmap for the compiled_exception_table
// Dump empty maps so that we can safely read and modify them once loaded
dumper.dump_object_here(&RwLock::new(rodal::EmptyHashMap::<MuID, ValueLocation>::new()));
dumper.dump_object_here(&RwLock::new(rodal::EmptyHashMap::<MuID, RwLock<MuFunctionVersion>>::new()));
dumper.dump_object_here(&RwLock::new(rodal::EmptyHashMap::<Address, ValueLocation>::new()));
// Dump an emepty hashmap for the other hashmaps
dumper.dump_object_here(&RwLock::new(HashMap::<Address, (Address, *const CompiledFunction)>::new()));
dumper.dump_object_here(&RwLock::new(rodal::EmptyHashMap::<Address, (Address, *const CompiledFunction)>::new()));
// This field is actually stored at the end of the struct, the others all have the same allignment so are not reordered
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