Commit 0e1bf645 authored by Isaac Oscar Gariano's avatar Isaac Oscar Gariano
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Working? workardound for infinite loop

parent 6622dea7
......@@ -2053,7 +2053,7 @@ impl CodeGenerator for ASMCodeGen {
fn emit_frame_shrink(&mut self) {
trace!("emit: \tframe shrink");
let asm = format!("ADD SP,SP,#{}", FRAME_SIZE_PLACEHOLDER.clone());
let asm = format!("ADD SP,SP,#{}; MOV SP, X29", FRAME_SIZE_PLACEHOLDER.clone());
let line = self.line();
self.cur_mut().add_frame_size_patchpoint(ASMLocation::new(line, 11, FRAME_SIZE_PLACEHOLDER_LEN, 0));
......@@ -3739,13 +3739,13 @@ impl <'a> InstructionSelection {
// Pop the frame record
//self.backend.emit_mov(&SP, &FP);
//self.backend.emit_pop_pair(&FP, &LR, &SP);
self.backend.emit_pop_pair(&FP, &LR, &SP);
// Note: the stack pointer should now be what it was when the function was called
//self.backend.emit_ret(&LR); // return to the Link Register
self.backend.emit_ret(&LR); // return to the Link Register
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