Commit 102a2e30 authored by Kunshan Wang's avatar Kunshan Wang

API: Scaffold for API

Now it is the time to actually implement the public API. This commit
only contains scaffolds so that it compiles, and I can fill in actual
implementations later. Most of them should forward to the actual VM.*
methods (with some adaptations).
parent 681ae5aa
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//mod api_old;
//mod api_new;
mod api_c;
//mod api_bridge; // FIXME: Implement the bridges
mod api_bridge;
mod api_impl;
//pub use vm::api::api_new::*;
mod deps {
pub use ast::ir::WPID;
pub use ast::ir::MuID;
pub use ast::ir::MuName;
pub use ast::ir::CName;
pub use ast::bundle::APIMuValue;
extern crate ast;
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