Commit 15a48ed7 authored by Kunshan Wang's avatar Kunshan Wang

API-GEN: Fixed function pointer types

fn() is already function pointer type. No need for `*mut fn()`.
parent d77be823
......@@ -11,9 +11,9 @@
use std::os::raw::*;
// some hand-written function pointer types
pub type C_MuCFP_Func = extern fn();
pub type C_MuValuesFreer_Func = extern fn(*mut CMuValue, CMuCPtr);
pub type C_MuTrapHandler_Func = extern fn(
pub type CMuCFP = extern fn();
pub type CMuValuesFreer = extern fn(*mut CMuValue, CMuCPtr);
pub type CMuTrapHandler = extern fn(
// input parameters
*mut CMuCtx,
......@@ -54,14 +54,11 @@ pub type CMuCString = *mut c_char;
pub type CMuID = u32;
pub type CMuName = CMuCString;
pub type CMuCPtr = *mut c_void;
pub type CMuCFP = *mut C_MuCFP_Func;
pub type CMuBool = c_int;
pub type CMuArraySize = usize;
pub type CMuWPID = u32;
pub type CMuFlag = u32;
pub type CMuTrapHandlerResult = CMuFlag;
pub type CMuValuesFreer = *mut C_MuValuesFreer_Func;
pub type CMuTrapHandler = *mut C_MuTrapHandler_Func;
pub type CMuBinOpStatus = CMuFlag;
pub type CMuBinOptr = CMuFlag;
pub type CMuCmpOptr = CMuFlag;
......@@ -487,6 +487,10 @@ def generate_enums(ast):
def generate_types(ast):
types = []
for c, p in ast["typedefs_order"]:
if p.startswith("_"):
# Such types are function types. The muapiparser is not smart enough
# to parse C funcptr types, so we define these types manually.
rc = to_rust_type(c)
rp = to_rust_type(p)
types.append("pub type {} = {};".format(rc, rp))
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