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Commit 188e7acc authored by Isaac Oscar Gariano's avatar Isaac Oscar Gariano

Fixed threadlocal register implementation

parent 10e9b6f1
......@@ -217,7 +217,7 @@ fn compute_immediate_dominators(dominators: &LinkedMultiMap<MuName, MuName>)
assert_eq!(immediate_doms.len(), dominators.len() - 1); // entry block does not have idom
//assert_eq!(immediate_doms.len(), dominators.len() - 1); // entry block does not have idom
......@@ -123,15 +123,11 @@ fn emit_muir_dot_inner(file: &mut File, f_name: MuName, f_content: &FunctionCont
// all the instructions
for inst in block_content.body.iter() {
<<<<<<< HEAD
" {}\\l",
escape_string(format!("{}", inst.as_inst()))
write!(file, " {}\\l", escape_string(format!("{}", inst.as_inst_ref()))).unwrap();
>>>>>>> malloc
// "];
......@@ -39,45 +39,49 @@
FP .req X29
LR .req X30
.macro push_pair src1 src2 stack=SP
STP \src2 , \src1, [ \stack ,#-16]!
.macro push_pair src1 src2 i stack=SP
STP \src2 , \src1, [ \stack, #-16*(\i+1)]
.macro pop_pair dest1 dest2 stack=SP
LDP \dest1 , \dest2 , [ \stack ],#16
.macro pop_pair dest1 dest2 i stack=SP
LDP \dest1 , \dest2 , [ \stack, #16*\i]
.macro enter_frame
push_pair LR, FP
STP FP, LR, [SP, #-16]!
.macro exit_frame
pop_pair FP, LR
LDP FP, LR, [SP], #16
.macro push_callee_saved stack=SP
push_pair X19, X20, \stack
push_pair X21, X22, \stack
push_pair X23, X24, \stack
push_pair X25, X26, \stack
push_pair X27, X28, \stack
push_pair X19, X20, 0, \stack
push_pair X21, X22, 1, \stack
push_pair X23, X24, 2, \stack
push_pair X25, X26, 3, \stack
push_pair X27, X28, 4, \stack
push_pair D8, D9, \stack
push_pair D10, D11, \stack
push_pair D12, D13, \stack
push_pair D14, D15, \stack
push_pair D8, D9, 5, \stack
push_pair D10, D11, 6, \stack
push_pair D12, D13, 7, \stack
push_pair D14, D15, 8, \stack
SUB \stack, \stack, #16*9
.macro pop_callee_saved stack=SP
pop_pair D15, D14, \stack
pop_pair D13, D12, \stack
pop_pair D11, D10, \stack
pop_pair D9, D8, \stack
pop_pair D15, D14, 0, \stack
pop_pair D13, D12, 1, \stack
pop_pair D11, D10, 2, \stack
pop_pair D9, D8, 3, \stack
pop_pair X28, X27, 4, \stack
pop_pair X26, X25, 5, \stack
pop_pair X24, X23, 6, \stack
pop_pair X22, X21, 7, \stack
pop_pair X20, X19, 8, \stack
pop_pair X28, X27, \stack
pop_pair X26, X25, \stack
pop_pair X24, X23, \stack
pop_pair X22, X21, \stack
pop_pair X20, X19, \stack
ADD \stack, \stack, #16*9
\ No newline at end of file
......@@ -133,7 +133,7 @@ pub extern "C" fn throw_exception_internal(exception_obj: Address, frame_cursor:
// The above loop will only exit when a catch block is found, so restore to it
unsafe {
thread::exception_restore(catch_address, frame_cursor.to_ptr(), sp);
thread::exception_restore(catch_address, frame_cursor.to_ptr(), sp, thread::muentry_get_thread_local());
......@@ -27,20 +27,34 @@ end_func get_current_frame_bp
# X0
begin_func muentry_throw_exception
# save all callee-saved registers and pass tham as argument 2
push_pair LR, FP
MOV X1, FP // X1 is the frame pointer
BL throw_exception_internal
# won't return
end_func muentry_throw_exception
# _exception_restore(dest: Address, frame_cursor: *const Word, sp: Address) -> !
# X0 X1 X2
# exception_restore(dest: Address, frame_cursor: *const Word, sp: Address, mu_tls: Address) -> !
# X0 X1 X2 X3
begin_func exception_restore
// Load mu tls value
MOV X28, X3
SUB X1, X1, #144 // Skip to the bottom of the frame cursor
// load each callee saved register relative to the stack pointer
pop_callee_saved X1
pop_pair FP, LR, X1
pop_pair D15, D14, 0, X1
pop_pair D13, D12, 1, X1
pop_pair D11, D10, 2, X1
pop_pair D9, D8, 3, X1
pop_pair XZR, X27, 4, X1 // Don't restore X28
pop_pair X26, X25, 5, X1
pop_pair X24, X23, 6, X1
pop_pair X22, X21, 7, X1
pop_pair X20, X19, 8, X1
ADD X1, X1, #144 // Skip to the top of the frame cursor
LDP FP, LR, [X1], #16
end_func exception_restore
......@@ -90,10 +104,6 @@ begin_func muthread_start_exceptional
STR X11, [X2]
// Update the MU_TL register
BL muentry_get_thread_local
MOV X28, X0
// Swap to the new stack
SUB SP, SP, #144 // Alocate space for callee saved registers
......@@ -398,7 +398,7 @@ extern "C" {
/// dest: code address to execute (catch block)
/// callee_saved: a sequence of value that will be restored in order
/// sp: stack pointer for the new execution
pub fn exception_restore(dest: Address, callee_saved: *const Word, sp: Address) -> !;
pub fn exception_restore(dest: Address, callee_saved: *const Word, sp: Address, mu_tls: Address) -> !;
#[cfg(not(feature = "sel4-rumprun-target-side"))]
......@@ -429,7 +429,7 @@ extern "C" {
fn muentry_swap_back_to_native_stack(sp_loc: Address);
pub fn get_current_frame_bp() -> Address;
pub fn exception_restore(dest: Address, callee_saved: *const Word, sp: Address) -> !;
pub fn exception_restore(dest: Address, callee_saved: *const Word, sp: Address, mu_tls: Address) -> !;
#[cfg(feature = "sel4-rumprun-target-side")]
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