Commit 19b1ab3a authored by qinsoon's avatar qinsoon Committed by Isaac Oscar Gariano

fix a bug in test_builder_api

parent b2631750
......@@ -342,7 +342,7 @@ fn test_function_loading() {
let id_y = ((*b).gen_sym)(b, csp.get("@func.v1.bb2.y"));
((*b).new_binop)(b, id_add, id_y, CMU_BINOP_ADD, id_i32, id_x, id_const1, 0);
let id_e = ((*b).gen_sym)(b, csp.get("@func.v1.bb2.x"));
let id_e = ((*b).gen_sym)(b, csp.get("@func.v1.bb2.e"));
((*b).new_cmp)(b, id_eq, id_e, CMU_CMP_EQ, id_i32, id_x, id_const99);
let id_dest_t = ((*b).gen_sym)(b, csp.get("@func.v1.bb2.dest_t"));
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