Commit 1f818744 authored by John Zhang's avatar John Zhang

test thread transformation on fib which does not require runtime.

parent c41c143c
......@@ -206,6 +206,120 @@ def test_linkedlist_reversal():
# assert h.nxt.nxt.nxt.nxt == None
def test_threadtran_fib():
def build_test_bundle(bldr, rmu):
Builds the following test bundle.
.typedef @i64 = int<64>
.const @0_i64 <@i64> = 0
.const @1_i64 <@i64> = 1
.const @2_i64 <@i64> = 2
.funcsig @sig_i64_i64 = (@i64) -> (@i64)
.funcdef @fib VERSION @fib_v1 <@sig_i64_i64> {
@fib_v1.blk0(<@i64> @fib_v1.blk0.k):
SWITCH <@i64> @fib_v1.blk0.k @fib_v1.blk2 (@fib_v1.blk0.k) {
@0_i64 @fib_v1.blk1 (@0_i64)
@1_i64 @fib_v1.blk1 (@1_i64)
@fib_v1.blk1(<@i64> @fib_v1.blk1.rtn):
RET @fib_v1.blk1.rtn
@fib_v1.blk2(<@i64> @fib_v1.blk1.k):
@fib_v1.blk2.k_1 = SUB <@i64> @fib_v1.blk2.k @1_i64
@fib_v1.blk2.res1 = CALL <@sig_i64_i64> @fib (@fib_v1.blk2.k_1)
@fib_v1.blk2.k_2 = SUB <@i64> @fib_v1.blk2.k @2_i64
@fib_v1.blk2.res2 = CALL <@sig_i64_i64> @fib (@fib_v1.blk2.k_2)
@fib_v1.blk2.res = ADD <@i64> @fib_v1.blk2.res1 @fib_v1.blk2.res2
RET @fib_v1.blk2.res2
:type bldr: rpython.rlib.rmu.MuIRBuilder
:type rmu: rpython.rlib.rmu_fast
:return: (rmu.MuVM(), rmu.MuCtx, rmu.MuIRBuilder, MuID, MuID)
i64 = bldr.gen_sym("@i64")
bldr.new_type_int(i64, 64)
c_0_i64 = bldr.gen_sym("@0_i64")
bldr.new_const_int(c_0_i64, i64, 0)
c_1_i64 = bldr.gen_sym("@1_i64")
bldr.new_const_int(c_1_i64, i64, 1)
c_2_i64 = bldr.gen_sym("@2_i64")
bldr.new_const_int(c_2_i64, i64, 2)
sig_i64_i64 = bldr.gen_sym("@sig_i64_i64")
bldr.new_funcsig(sig_i64_i64, [i64], [i64])
fib = bldr.gen_sym("@fib")
bldr.new_func(fib, sig_i64_i64)
# function body
v1 = bldr.gen_sym("@fib_v1")
blk0 = bldr.gen_sym("@fib_v1.blk0")
blk1 = bldr.gen_sym("@fib_v1.blk1")
blk2 = bldr.gen_sym("@fib_v1.blk2")
# blk0
blk0_k = bldr.gen_sym("@fib_v1.blk0.k")
dest_defl = bldr.gen_sym()
dest_0 = bldr.gen_sym()
dest_1 = bldr.gen_sym()
bldr.new_dest_clause(dest_defl, blk2, [blk0_k])
bldr.new_dest_clause(dest_0, blk1, [c_0_i64])
bldr.new_dest_clause(dest_1, blk1, [c_1_i64])
op_switch = bldr.gen_sym()
bldr.new_switch(op_switch, i64, blk0_k, dest_defl, [c_0_i64, c_1_i64], [dest_0, dest_1])
bldr.new_bb(blk0, [blk0_k], [i64], rmu.MU_NO_ID, [op_switch])
# blk1
blk1_rtn = bldr.gen_sym("@fig_v1.blk1.rtn")
blk1_op_ret = bldr.gen_sym()
bldr.new_ret(blk1_op_ret, [blk1_rtn])
bldr.new_bb(blk1, [blk1_rtn], [i64], rmu.MU_NO_ID, [blk1_op_ret])
# blk2
blk2_k = bldr.gen_sym("@fig_v1.blk2.k")
blk2_k_1 = bldr.gen_sym("@fig_v1.blk2.k_1")
blk2_k_2 = bldr.gen_sym("@fig_v1.blk2.k_2")
blk2_res = bldr.gen_sym("@fig_v1.blk2.res")
blk2_res1 = bldr.gen_sym("@fig_v1.blk2.res1")
blk2_res2 = bldr.gen_sym("@fig_v1.blk2.res2")
op_sub_1 = bldr.gen_sym()
bldr.new_binop(op_sub_1, blk2_k_1, rmu.MuBinOptr.SUB, i64, blk2_k, c_1_i64)
op_call_1 = bldr.gen_sym()
bldr.new_call(op_call_1, [blk2_res1], sig_i64_i64, fib, [blk2_k_1])
op_sub_2 = bldr.gen_sym()
bldr.new_binop(op_sub_2, blk2_k_2, rmu.MuBinOptr.SUB, i64, blk2_k, c_2_i64)
op_call_2 = bldr.gen_sym()
bldr.new_call(op_call_2, [blk2_res2], sig_i64_i64, fib, [blk2_k_2])
op_add = bldr.gen_sym()
bldr.new_binop(op_add, blk2_res, rmu.MuBinOptr.ADD, i64, blk2_res1, blk2_res2)
blk2_op_ret = bldr.gen_sym()
bldr.new_ret(blk2_op_ret, [blk2_res])
bldr.new_bb(blk2, [blk2_k], [i64], rmu.MU_NO_ID,
[op_sub_1, op_call_1, op_sub_2, op_call_2, op_add, blk2_op_ret])
bldr.new_func_ver(v1, fib, [blk0, blk1, blk2])
return {
"@i64": i64,
"test_fnc_sig": sig_i64_i64,
"test_fnc": fib,
"result_type": i64
mu = rmu.MuVM()
ctx = mu.new_context()
bldr = ctx.new_ir_builder()
id_dict = build_test_bundle(bldr, rmu)
mu.compile_to_sharedlib('libtesting.dylib', [])
lib = ctypes.CDLL('emit/libtesting.dylib')
fnp = lib.fib
assert fnp(20) == 6765
def test_new():
def build_test_bundle(bldr, rmu):
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