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Commit 2026c567 authored by qinsoon's avatar qinsoon
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add a test about array layout

parent b0968ef6
......@@ -4,6 +4,21 @@ use mu::vm::*;
use std::sync::Arc;
fn test_array_layout() {
let vm = Arc::new(VM::new());
typedef! ((vm) int8 = mu_int(8));
typedef! ((vm) int64 = mu_int(64));
typedef! ((vm) struct1 = mu_struct(int64, int8));
typedef! ((vm) array1 = mu_array(struct1, 5));
let array1_backend_ty = vm.get_backend_type_info(;
assert_eq!(array1_backend_ty.size, 16 * 5);
fn test_struct_layout() {
let vm = Arc::new(VM::new());
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