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Commit 51fc34c8 authored by John Zhang's avatar John Zhang
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added cmpop tests, multiple function compilation test

parent 3d948653
......@@ -20,7 +20,6 @@ int main(int argc, char** argv) {
MuID id_8;
MuID id_9;
MuID id_10;
MuCString var;
mu = mu_fastimpl_new();
ctx = mu->new_context(mu);
bldr = ctx->new_ir_builder(ctx);
......@@ -44,7 +43,7 @@ int main(int argc, char** argv) {
bldr->new_bb(bldr, id_7, NULL, NULL, 0, MU_NO_ID, (MuInstNode [2]){id_9, id_10}, 2);
bldr->new_func_ver(bldr, id_6, id_5, (MuBBNode [1]){id_7}, 1);
var = mu->compile_to_sharedlib(mu, id_5);
printf("%s\n", var);
mu->compile_to_sharedlib(mu, "test_add.dylib");
printf("%s\n", "test_add.dylib");
return 0;
......@@ -20,7 +20,6 @@ int main(int argc, char** argv) {
MuID id_78;
MuID id_79;
MuID id_80;
MuCString var_8;
mu_8 = mu_fastimpl_new();
ctx_8 = mu_8->new_context(mu_8);
bldr_8 = ctx_8->new_ir_builder(ctx_8);
......@@ -44,7 +43,7 @@ int main(int argc, char** argv) {
bldr_8->new_bb(bldr_8, id_77, NULL, NULL, 0, MU_NO_ID, (MuInstNode [2]){id_79, id_80}, 2);
bldr_8->new_func_ver(bldr_8, id_76, id_75, (MuBBNode [1]){id_77}, 1);
var_8 = mu_8->compile_to_sharedlib(mu_8, id_75);
printf("%s\n", var_8);
mu_8->compile_to_sharedlib(mu_8, "test_and.dylib");
printf("%s\n", "test_and.dylib");
return 0;
......@@ -18,7 +18,6 @@ int main(int argc, char** argv) {
MuID id_6;
MuID id_7;
MuID id_8;
MuCString var;
mu = mu_fastimpl_new();
ctx = mu->new_context(mu);
bldr = ctx->new_ir_builder(ctx);
......@@ -38,7 +37,7 @@ int main(int argc, char** argv) {
bldr->new_bb(bldr, id_6, NULL, NULL, 0, MU_NO_ID, (MuInstNode [1]){id_8}, 1);
bldr->new_func_ver(bldr, id_5, id_4, (MuBBNode [1]){id_6}, 1);
var = mu->compile_to_sharedlib(mu, id_4);
printf("%s\n", var);
mu->compile_to_sharedlib(mu, "test_constfunc.dylib");
printf("%s\n", "test_constfunc.dylib");
return 0;
// Compile with flag -std=c99
#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <stdbool.h>
#include <dlfcn.h>
#include "muapi.h"
#include "mu-fastimpl.h"
int main(int argc, char** argv) {
MuVM* mu_10;
MuCtx* ctx_10;
MuIRBuilder* bldr_10;
MuID id_91;
MuID id_92;
MuID id_93;
MuID id_94;
MuID id_95;
MuID id_96;
MuID id_97;
MuID id_98;
MuID id_99;
MuID id_100;
MuID id_101;
MuID id_102;
MuID id_103;
mu_10 = mu_fastimpl_new();
ctx_10 = mu_10->new_context(mu_10);
bldr_10 = ctx_10->new_ir_builder(ctx_10);
id_91 = bldr_10->gen_sym(bldr_10, "@i1");
bldr_10->new_type_int(bldr_10, id_91, 1);
id_92 = bldr_10->gen_sym(bldr_10, "@i64");
bldr_10->new_type_int(bldr_10, id_92, 64);
id_93 = bldr_10->gen_sym(bldr_10, "@0x8d9f9c1d58324b55_i64");
bldr_10->new_const_int(bldr_10, id_93, id_92, 10205046930492509013);
id_94 = bldr_10->gen_sym(bldr_10, "@0xd5a8f2deb00debb4_i64");
bldr_10->new_const_int(bldr_10, id_94, id_92, 15395822364416404404);
id_95 = bldr_10->gen_sym(bldr_10, "@sig__i64");
bldr_10->new_funcsig(bldr_10, id_95, NULL, 0, (MuTypeNode [1]){id_92}, 1);
id_96 = bldr_10->gen_sym(bldr_10, "@test_fnc");
bldr_10->new_func(bldr_10, id_96, id_95);
id_97 = bldr_10->gen_sym(bldr_10, "@test_fnc_v1");
id_98 = bldr_10->gen_sym(bldr_10, "@test_fnc_v1.blk0");
id_99 = bldr_10->gen_sym(bldr_10, "@test_fnc_v1.blk0.cmp_res");
id_100 = bldr_10->gen_sym(bldr_10, "@test_fnc_v1.blk0.res");
id_101 = bldr_10->gen_sym(bldr_10, NULL);
bldr_10->new_cmp(bldr_10, id_101, id_99, MU_CMP_EQ, id_92, id_93, id_94);
id_102 = bldr_10->gen_sym(bldr_10, NULL);
bldr_10->new_conv(bldr_10, id_102, id_100, MU_CONV_ZEXT, id_91, id_92, id_99);
id_103 = bldr_10->gen_sym(bldr_10, NULL);
bldr_10->new_ret(bldr_10, id_103, (MuVarNode [1]){id_100}, 1);
bldr_10->new_bb(bldr_10, id_98, NULL, NULL, 0, MU_NO_ID, (MuInstNode [3]){id_101, id_102, id_103}, 3);
bldr_10->new_func_ver(bldr_10, id_97, id_96, (MuBBNode [1]){id_98}, 1);
mu_10->compile_to_sharedlib(mu_10, "test_eq_int.dylib");
printf("%s\n", "test_eq_int.dylib");
return 0;
// Compile with flag -std=c99
#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <stdbool.h>
#include <dlfcn.h>
#include "muapi.h"
#include "mu-fastimpl.h"
int main(int argc, char** argv) {
MuVM* mu_11;
MuCtx* ctx_11;
MuIRBuilder* bldr_11;
MuID id_104;
MuID id_105;
MuID id_106;
MuID id_107;
MuID id_108;
MuID id_109;
MuID id_110;
MuID id_111;
MuID id_112;
MuID id_113;
MuID id_114;
MuID id_115;
MuID id_116;
MuID id_117;
MuID id_118;
mu_11 = mu_fastimpl_new();
ctx_11 = mu_11->new_context(mu_11);
bldr_11 = ctx_11->new_ir_builder(ctx_11);
id_104 = bldr_11->gen_sym(bldr_11, "@i1");
bldr_11->new_type_int(bldr_11, id_104, 1);
id_105 = bldr_11->gen_sym(bldr_11, "@i64");
bldr_11->new_type_int(bldr_11, id_105, 64);
id_106 = bldr_11->gen_sym(bldr_11, "@refi64");
bldr_11->new_type_ref(bldr_11, id_106, id_105);
id_107 = bldr_11->gen_sym(bldr_11, "@NULL_refi64");
bldr_11->new_const_null(bldr_11, id_107, id_106);
id_108 = bldr_11->gen_sym(bldr_11, "@sig__i64");
bldr_11->new_funcsig(bldr_11, id_108, NULL, 0, (MuTypeNode [1]){id_105}, 1);
id_109 = bldr_11->gen_sym(bldr_11, "@test_fnc");
bldr_11->new_func(bldr_11, id_109, id_108);
id_110 = bldr_11->gen_sym(bldr_11, "@test_fnc_v1");
id_111 = bldr_11->gen_sym(bldr_11, "@test_fnc_v1.blk0");
id_112 = bldr_11->gen_sym(bldr_11, "@test_fnc_v1.blk0.r");
id_113 = bldr_11->gen_sym(bldr_11, "@test_fnc_v1.blk0.cmp_res");
id_114 = bldr_11->gen_sym(bldr_11, "@test_fnc_v1.blk0.res");
id_115 = bldr_11->gen_sym(bldr_11, NULL);
bldr_11->new_new(bldr_11, id_115, id_112, id_105, MU_NO_ID);
id_116 = bldr_11->gen_sym(bldr_11, NULL);
bldr_11->new_cmp(bldr_11, id_116, id_113, MU_CMP_EQ, id_106, id_112, id_107);
id_117 = bldr_11->gen_sym(bldr_11, NULL);
bldr_11->new_conv(bldr_11, id_117, id_114, MU_CONV_ZEXT, id_104, id_105, id_113);
id_118 = bldr_11->gen_sym(bldr_11, NULL);
bldr_11->new_ret(bldr_11, id_118, (MuVarNode [1]){id_114}, 1);
bldr_11->new_bb(bldr_11, id_111, NULL, NULL, 0, MU_NO_ID, (MuInstNode [4]){id_115, id_116, id_117, id_118}, 4);
bldr_11->new_func_ver(bldr_11, id_110, id_109, (MuBBNode [1]){id_111}, 1);
mu_11->compile_to_sharedlib(mu_11, "test_eq_ref.dylib");
printf("%s\n", "test_eq_ref.dylib");
return 0;
......@@ -39,7 +39,6 @@ int main(int argc, char** argv) {
MuID id_27;
MuID id_28;
MuID id_29;
MuCString var;
mu = mu_fastimpl_new();
ctx = mu->new_context(mu);
bldr = ctx->new_ir_builder(ctx);
......@@ -94,7 +93,7 @@ int main(int argc, char** argv) {
bldr->new_bb(bldr, id_10, (MuID [1]){id_18}, (MuTypeNode [1]){id}, 1, MU_NO_ID, (MuInstNode [6]){id_24, id_25, id_26, id_27, id_28, id_29}, 6);
bldr->new_func_ver(bldr, id_7, id_6, (MuBBNode [3]){id_8, id_9, id_10}, 3);
var = mu->compile_to_sharedlib(mu, id_6);
printf("%s\n", var);
mu->compile_to_sharedlib(mu, "test_fib.dylib");
printf("%s\n", "test_fib.dylib");
return 0;
......@@ -20,7 +20,6 @@ int main(int argc, char** argv) {
MuID id_68;
MuID id_69;
MuID id_70;
MuCString var_7;
mu_7 = mu_fastimpl_new();
ctx_7 = mu_7->new_context(mu_7);
bldr_7 = ctx_7->new_ir_builder(ctx_7);
......@@ -44,7 +43,7 @@ int main(int argc, char** argv) {
bldr_7->new_bb(bldr_7, id_67, NULL, NULL, 0, MU_NO_ID, (MuInstNode [2]){id_69, id_70}, 2);
bldr_7->new_func_ver(bldr_7, id_66, id_65, (MuBBNode [1]){id_67}, 1);
var_7 = mu_7->compile_to_sharedlib(mu_7, id_65);
printf("%s\n", var_7);
mu_7->compile_to_sharedlib(mu_7, "test_lshr.dylib");
printf("%s\n", "test_lshr.dylib");
return 0;
......@@ -20,7 +20,6 @@ int main(int argc, char** argv) {
MuID id_28;
MuID id_29;
MuID id_30;
MuCString var_3;
mu_3 = mu_fastimpl_new();
ctx_3 = mu_3->new_context(mu_3);
bldr_3 = ctx_3->new_ir_builder(ctx_3);
......@@ -44,7 +43,7 @@ int main(int argc, char** argv) {
bldr_3->new_bb(bldr_3, id_27, NULL, NULL, 0, MU_NO_ID, (MuInstNode [2]){id_29, id_30}, 2);
bldr_3->new_func_ver(bldr_3, id_26, id_25, (MuBBNode [1]){id_27}, 1);
var_3 = mu_3->compile_to_sharedlib(mu_3, id_25);
printf("%s\n", var_3);
mu_3->compile_to_sharedlib(mu_3, "test_mul.dylib");
printf("%s\n", "test_mul.dylib");
return 0;
// Compile with flag -std=c99
#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <stdbool.h>
#include <dlfcn.h>
#include "muapi.h"
#include "mu-fastimpl.h"
int main(int argc, char** argv) {
MuVM* mu;
MuCtx* ctx;
MuIRBuilder* bldr;
MuID id;
MuID id_2;
MuID id_3;
MuID id_4;
MuID id_5;
MuID id_6;
MuID id_7;
MuID id_8;
MuID id_9;
MuID id_10;
MuID id_11;
MuID id_12;
MuID id_13;
MuID id_14;
MuID id_15;
MuID id_16;
MuID id_17;
MuID id_18;
MuID id_19;
MuID id_20;
MuID id_21;
MuID id_22;
MuID id_23;
MuID id_24;
MuID id_25;
MuID id_26;
MuID id_27;
MuID id_28;
MuID id_29;
MuID id_30;
MuID id_31;
MuID id_32;
MuID id_33;
MuID id_34;
MuID id_35;
MuID id_36;
MuID id_37;
mu = mu_fastimpl_new();
ctx = mu->new_context(mu);
bldr = ctx->new_ir_builder(ctx);
id = bldr->gen_sym(bldr, "@i64");
bldr->new_type_int(bldr, id, 64);
id_2 = bldr->gen_sym(bldr, "@0_i64");
bldr->new_const_int(bldr, id_2, id, 0);
id_3 = bldr->gen_sym(bldr, "@1_i64");
bldr->new_const_int(bldr, id_3, id, 1);
id_4 = bldr->gen_sym(bldr, "@2_i64");
bldr->new_const_int(bldr, id_4, id, 2);
id_5 = bldr->gen_sym(bldr, "@20_i64");
bldr->new_const_int(bldr, id_5, id, 20);
id_6 = bldr->gen_sym(bldr, "@sig_i64_i64");
bldr->new_funcsig(bldr, id_6, (MuTypeNode [1]){id}, 1, (MuTypeNode [1]){id}, 1);
id_7 = bldr->gen_sym(bldr, "@sig__i64");
bldr->new_funcsig(bldr, id_7, NULL, 0, (MuTypeNode [1]){id}, 1);
id_8 = bldr->gen_sym(bldr, "@fib");
bldr->new_func(bldr, id_8, id_6);
id_9 = bldr->gen_sym(bldr, "@fib_v1");
id_10 = bldr->gen_sym(bldr, "@fib_v1.blk0");
id_11 = bldr->gen_sym(bldr, "@fib_v1.blk1");
id_12 = bldr->gen_sym(bldr, "@fib_v1.blk2");
id_13 = bldr->gen_sym(bldr, "@fib_v1.blk0.k");
id_14 = bldr->gen_sym(bldr, NULL);
id_15 = bldr->gen_sym(bldr, NULL);
id_16 = bldr->gen_sym(bldr, NULL);
bldr->new_dest_clause(bldr, id_14, id_12, (MuVarNode [1]){id_13}, 1);
bldr->new_dest_clause(bldr, id_15, id_11, (MuVarNode [1]){id_2}, 1);
bldr->new_dest_clause(bldr, id_16, id_11, (MuVarNode [1]){id_3}, 1);
id_17 = bldr->gen_sym(bldr, NULL);
bldr->new_switch(bldr, id_17, id, id_13, id_14, (MuConstNode [2]){id_2, id_3}, (MuDestClause [2]){id_15, id_16}, 2);
bldr->new_bb(bldr, id_10, (MuID [1]){id_13}, (MuTypeNode [1]){id}, 1, MU_NO_ID, (MuInstNode [1]){id_17}, 1);
id_18 = bldr->gen_sym(bldr, "@fig_v1.blk1.rtn");
id_19 = bldr->gen_sym(bldr, NULL);
bldr->new_ret(bldr, id_19, (MuVarNode [1]){id_18}, 1);
bldr->new_bb(bldr, id_11, (MuID [1]){id_18}, (MuTypeNode [1]){id}, 1, MU_NO_ID, (MuInstNode [1]){id_19}, 1);
id_20 = bldr->gen_sym(bldr, "@fig_v1.blk2.k");
id_21 = bldr->gen_sym(bldr, "@fig_v1.blk2.k_1");
id_22 = bldr->gen_sym(bldr, "@fig_v1.blk2.k_2");
id_23 = bldr->gen_sym(bldr, "@fig_v1.blk2.res");
id_24 = bldr->gen_sym(bldr, "@fig_v1.blk2.res1");
id_25 = bldr->gen_sym(bldr, "@fig_v1.blk2.res2");
id_26 = bldr->gen_sym(bldr, NULL);
bldr->new_binop(bldr, id_26, id_21, MU_BINOP_SUB, id, id_20, id_3, MU_NO_ID);
id_27 = bldr->gen_sym(bldr, NULL);
bldr->new_call(bldr, id_27, (MuID [1]){id_24}, 1, id_6, id_8, (MuVarNode [1]){id_21}, 1, MU_NO_ID, MU_NO_ID);
id_28 = bldr->gen_sym(bldr, NULL);
bldr->new_binop(bldr, id_28, id_22, MU_BINOP_SUB, id, id_20, id_4, MU_NO_ID);
id_29 = bldr->gen_sym(bldr, NULL);
bldr->new_call(bldr, id_29, (MuID [1]){id_25}, 1, id_6, id_8, (MuVarNode [1]){id_22}, 1, MU_NO_ID, MU_NO_ID);
id_30 = bldr->gen_sym(bldr, NULL);
bldr->new_binop(bldr, id_30, id_23, MU_BINOP_ADD, id, id_24, id_25, MU_NO_ID);
id_31 = bldr->gen_sym(bldr, NULL);
bldr->new_ret(bldr, id_31, (MuVarNode [1]){id_23}, 1);
bldr->new_bb(bldr, id_12, (MuID [1]){id_20}, (MuTypeNode [1]){id}, 1, MU_NO_ID, (MuInstNode [6]){id_26, id_27, id_28, id_29, id_30, id_31}, 6);
bldr->new_func_ver(bldr, id_9, id_8, (MuBBNode [3]){id_10, id_11, id_12}, 3);
id_32 = bldr->gen_sym(bldr, "@entry");
bldr->new_func(bldr, id_32, id_7);
id_33 = bldr->gen_sym(bldr, "@entry_v1");
id_34 = bldr->gen_sym(bldr, "@entry_v1.blk0");
id_35 = bldr->gen_sym(bldr, "@entry_v1.blk0.res");
id_36 = bldr->gen_sym(bldr, NULL);
bldr->new_call(bldr, id_36, (MuID [1]){id_35}, 1, id_6, id_8, (MuVarNode [1]){id_5}, 1, MU_NO_ID, MU_NO_ID);
id_37 = bldr->gen_sym(bldr, NULL);
bldr->new_ret(bldr, id_37, (MuVarNode [1]){id_35}, 1);
bldr->new_bb(bldr, id_34, NULL, NULL, 0, MU_NO_ID, (MuInstNode [2]){id_36, id_37}, 2);
bldr->new_func_ver(bldr, id_33, id_32, (MuBBNode [1]){id_34}, 1);
mu->compile_to_sharedlib(mu, "test_multifunc.dylib");
printf("%s\n", "test_multifunc.dylib");
return 0;
// Compile with flag -std=c99
#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <stdbool.h>
#include <dlfcn.h>
#include "muapi.h"
#include "mu-fastimpl.h"
int main(int argc, char** argv) {
MuVM* mu_12;
MuCtx* ctx_12;
MuIRBuilder* bldr_12;
MuID id_119;
MuID id_120;
MuID id_121;
MuID id_122;
MuID id_123;
MuID id_124;
MuID id_125;
MuID id_126;
MuID id_127;
MuID id_128;
MuID id_129;
MuID id_130;
MuID id_131;
mu_12 = mu_fastimpl_new();
ctx_12 = mu_12->new_context(mu_12);
bldr_12 = ctx_12->new_ir_builder(ctx_12);
id_119 = bldr_12->gen_sym(bldr_12, "@i1");
bldr_12->new_type_int(bldr_12, id_119, 1);
id_120 = bldr_12->gen_sym(bldr_12, "@i64");
bldr_12->new_type_int(bldr_12, id_120, 64);
id_121 = bldr_12->gen_sym(bldr_12, "@0x8d9f9c1d58324b55_i64");
bldr_12->new_const_int(bldr_12, id_121, id_120, 10205046930492509013);
id_122 = bldr_12->gen_sym(bldr_12, "@0xd5a8f2deb00debb4_i64");
bldr_12->new_const_int(bldr_12, id_122, id_120, 15395822364416404404);
id_123 = bldr_12->gen_sym(bldr_12, "@sig__i64");
bldr_12->new_funcsig(bldr_12, id_123, NULL, 0, (MuTypeNode [1]){id_120}, 1);
id_124 = bldr_12->gen_sym(bldr_12, "@test_fnc");
bldr_12->new_func(bldr_12, id_124, id_123);
id_125 = bldr_12->gen_sym(bldr_12, "@test_fnc_v1");
id_126 = bldr_12->gen_sym(bldr_12, "@test_fnc_v1.blk0");
id_127 = bldr_12->gen_sym(bldr_12, "@test_fnc_v1.blk0.cmp_res");
id_128 = bldr_12->gen_sym(bldr_12, "@test_fnc_v1.blk0.res");
id_129 = bldr_12->gen_sym(bldr_12, NULL);
bldr_12->new_cmp(bldr_12, id_129, id_127, MU_CMP_NE, id_120, id_121, id_122);
id_130 = bldr_12->gen_sym(bldr_12, NULL);
bldr_12->new_conv(bldr_12, id_130, id_128, MU_CONV_ZEXT, id_119, id_120, id_127);
id_131 = bldr_12->gen_sym(bldr_12, NULL);
bldr_12->new_ret(bldr_12, id_131, (MuVarNode [1]){id_128}, 1);
bldr_12->new_bb(bldr_12, id_126, NULL, NULL, 0, MU_NO_ID, (MuInstNode [3]){id_129, id_130, id_131}, 3);
bldr_12->new_func_ver(bldr_12, id_125, id_124, (MuBBNode [1]){id_126}, 1);
mu_12->compile_to_sharedlib(mu_12, "test_ne_int.dylib");
printf("%s\n", "test_ne_int.dylib");
return 0;
// Compile with flag -std=c99
#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <stdbool.h>
#include <dlfcn.h>
#include "muapi.h"
#include "mu-fastimpl.h"
int main(int argc, char** argv) {
MuVM* mu_13;
MuCtx* ctx_13;
MuIRBuilder* bldr_13;
MuID id_132;
MuID id_133;
MuID id_134;
MuID id_135;
MuID id_136;
MuID id_137;
MuID id_138;
MuID id_139;
MuID id_140;
MuID id_141;
MuID id_142;
MuID id_143;
MuID id_144;
MuID id_145;
MuID id_146;
mu_13 = mu_fastimpl_new();
ctx_13 = mu_13->new_context(mu_13);
bldr_13 = ctx_13->new_ir_builder(ctx_13);
id_132 = bldr_13->gen_sym(bldr_13, "@i1");
bldr_13->new_type_int(bldr_13, id_132, 1);
id_133 = bldr_13->gen_sym(bldr_13, "@i64");
bldr_13->new_type_int(bldr_13, id_133, 64);
id_134 = bldr_13->gen_sym(bldr_13, "@refi64");
bldr_13->new_type_ref(bldr_13, id_134, id_133);
id_135 = bldr_13->gen_sym(bldr_13, "@NULL_refi64");
bldr_13->new_const_null(bldr_13, id_135, id_134);
id_136 = bldr_13->gen_sym(bldr_13, "@sig__i64");
bldr_13->new_funcsig(bldr_13, id_136, NULL, 0, (MuTypeNode [1]){id_133}, 1);
id_137 = bldr_13->gen_sym(bldr_13, "@test_fnc");
bldr_13->new_func(bldr_13, id_137, id_136);
id_138 = bldr_13->gen_sym(bldr_13, "@test_fnc_v1");
id_139 = bldr_13->gen_sym(bldr_13, "@test_fnc_v1.blk0");
id_140 = bldr_13->gen_sym(bldr_13, "@test_fnc_v1.blk0.r");
id_141 = bldr_13->gen_sym(bldr_13, "@test_fnc_v1.blk0.cmp_res");
id_142 = bldr_13->gen_sym(bldr_13, "@test_fnc_v1.blk0.res");
id_143 = bldr_13->gen_sym(bldr_13, NULL);
bldr_13->new_new(bldr_13, id_143, id_140, id_133, MU_NO_ID);
id_144 = bldr_13->gen_sym(bldr_13, NULL);
bldr_13->new_cmp(bldr_13, id_144, id_141, MU_CMP_NE, id_134, id_140, id_135);
id_145 = bldr_13->gen_sym(bldr_13, NULL);
bldr_13->new_conv(bldr_13, id_145, id_142, MU_CONV_ZEXT, id_132, id_133, id_141);
id_146 = bldr_13->gen_sym(bldr_13, NULL);
bldr_13->new_ret(bldr_13, id_146, (MuVarNode [1]){id_142}, 1);
bldr_13->new_bb(bldr_13, id_139, NULL, NULL, 0, MU_NO_ID, (MuInstNode [4]){id_143, id_144, id_145, id_146}, 4);
bldr_13->new_func_ver(bldr_13, id_138, id_137, (MuBBNode [1]){id_139}, 1);
mu_13->compile_to_sharedlib(mu_13, "test_ne_ref.dylib");
printf("%s\n", "test_ne_ref.dylib");
return 0;
......@@ -20,7 +20,6 @@ int main(int argc, char** argv) {
MuID id_38;
MuID id_39;
MuID id_40;
MuCString var_4;
mu_4 = mu_fastimpl_new();
ctx_4 = mu_4->new_context(mu_4);
bldr_4 = ctx_4->new_ir_builder(ctx_4);
......@@ -44,7 +43,7 @@ int main(int argc, char** argv) {
bldr_4->new_bb(bldr_4, id_37, NULL, NULL, 0, MU_NO_ID, (MuInstNode [2]){id_39, id_40}, 2);
bldr_4->new_func_ver(bldr_4, id_36, id_35, (MuBBNode [1]){id_37}, 1);
var_4 = mu_4->compile_to_sharedlib(mu_4, id_35);
printf("%s\n", var_4);
mu_4->compile_to_sharedlib(mu_4, "test_sdiv.dylib");
printf("%s\n", "test_sdiv.dylib");
return 0;
// Compile with flag -std=c99
#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <stdbool.h>
#include <dlfcn.h>
#include "muapi.h"
#include "mu-fastimpl.h"
int main(int argc, char** argv) {
MuVM* mu_14;
MuCtx* ctx_14;
MuIRBuilder* bldr_14;
MuID id_147;
MuID id_148;
MuID id_149;
MuID id_150;
MuID id_151;
MuID id_152;
MuID id_153;
MuID id_154;
MuID id_155;
MuID id_156;
MuID id_157;
MuID id_158;
MuID id_159;
MuID id_160;
MuID id_161;
MuID id_162;
MuID id_163;
mu_14 = mu_fastimpl_new();
ctx_14 = mu_14->new_context(mu_14);
bldr_14 = ctx_14->new_ir_builder(ctx_14);
id_147 = bldr_14->gen_sym(bldr_14, "@i1");
bldr_14->new_type_int(bldr_14, id_147, 1);
id_148 = bldr_14->gen_sym(bldr_14, "@i8");
bldr_14->new_type_int(bldr_14, id_148, 8);
id_149 = bldr_14->gen_sym(bldr_14, "@0xff_i8");
bldr_14->new_const_int(bldr_14, id_149, id_148, 255);
id_150 = bldr_14->gen_sym(bldr_14, "@0x0a_i8");
bldr_14->new_const_int(bldr_14, id_150, id_148, 10);
id_151 = bldr_14->gen_sym(bldr_14, "@sig__i8");
bldr_14->new_funcsig(bldr_14, id_151, NULL, 0, (MuTypeNode [1]){id_148}, 1);
id_152 = bldr_14->gen_sym(bldr_14, "@test_fnc");
bldr_14->new_func(bldr_14, id_152, id_151);
id_153 = bldr_14->gen_sym(bldr_14, "@test_fnc_v1");
id_154 = bldr_14->gen_sym(bldr_14, "@test_fnc_v1.blk0");
id_155 = bldr_14->gen_sym(bldr_14, "@test_fnc_v1.blk0.cmp_res_1");
id_156 = bldr_14->gen_sym(bldr_14, "@test_fnc_v1.blk0.cmp_res_2");
id_157 = bldr_14->gen_sym(bldr_14, "@test_fnc_v1.blk0.bin_res");
id_158 = bldr_14->gen_sym(bldr_14, "@test_fnc_v1.blk0.res");
id_159 = bldr_14->gen_sym(bldr_14, NULL);
bldr_14->new_cmp(bldr_14, id_159, id_155, MU_CMP_SGE, id_148, id_149, id_150);
id_160 = bldr_14->gen_sym(bldr_14, NULL);
bldr_14->new_cmp(bldr_14, id_160, id_156, MU_CMP_SGE, id_148, id_149, id_149);
id_161 = bldr_14->gen_sym(bldr_14, NULL);
bldr_14->new_binop(bldr_14, id_161, id_157, MU_BINOP_XOR, id_147, id_155, id_156, MU_NO_ID);
id_162 = bldr_14->gen_sym(bldr_14, NULL);
bldr_14->new_conv(bldr_14, id_162, id_158, MU_CONV_ZEXT, id_147, id_148, id_157);
id_163 = bldr_14->gen_sym(bldr_14, NULL);
bldr_14->new_ret(bldr_14, id_163, (MuVarNode [1]){id_158}, 1);
bldr_14->new_bb(bldr_14, id_154, NULL, NULL, 0, MU_NO_ID, (MuInstNode [5]){id_159, id_160, id_161, id_162, id_163}, 5);
bldr_14->new_func_ver(bldr_14, id_153, id_152, (MuBBNode [1]){id_154}, 1);
mu_14->compile_to_sharedlib(mu_14, "test_sge.dylib");
printf("%s\n", "test_sge.dylib");
return 0;
// Compile with flag -std=c99
#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <stdbool.h>
#include <dlfcn.h>
#include "muapi.h"
#include "mu-fastimpl.h"
int main(int argc, char** argv) {
MuVM* mu_15;
MuCtx* ctx_15;
MuIRBuilder* bldr_15;
MuID id_164;