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Commit 62171d49 authored by John Zhang's avatar John Zhang
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richer and more colourful output

parent 36f00920
......@@ -6,6 +6,7 @@ from tempfile import mkdtemp
import py, os, sys
import subprocess as subp
import ctypes
import math
from rpython.translator.interactive import Translation
from rpython.config.translationoption import set_opt_level
......@@ -83,22 +84,31 @@ def perf_fibonacci():
backend='mu', muimpl='fast', mucodegen='api', mutestjit=True)
set_opt_level(t.config, '3')
db, bdlgen, fnc_name = t.compile_mu()
libname = 'lib%(fnc_name)s.dylib' % locals(), [])
libpath = py.path.local().join('emit', libname)
libpath = tmpdir.join('lib%(fnc_name)s.dylib' % locals()), [])
fnp = getattr(ctypes.CDLL(libpath.strpath), fnc_name)
return fnp
def get_average_time(run_fnc, args, warmup=5, iterations=100):
def get_stat(run_fnc, args, warmup=5, iterations=100):
for i in range(warmup):
total = 0.0
times = []
for i in range(iterations):
total += run_fnc(*args)
return total / iterations
def get_average_time_compiled(compile_fnc, args, warmup=5, iterations=100):
avg = sum(times) / float(len(times))
t_min = t_max = t_std = None
if len(times) > 1:
t_min = times[0]
t_max = times[-1]
squares = ((t - avg) ** 2 for t in times)
t_std = math.sqrt(sum(squares) / (len(times) - 1))
return {'average': avg, 't_min': t_min, 't_max': t_max, 'std_dev': t_std}
def get_stat_compiled(compile_fnc, args, warmup=5, iterations=100):
def run_funcptr(fnp, N):
t0 = time()
......@@ -106,26 +116,33 @@ def perf_fibonacci():
return t1 - t0
fnp = compile_fnc()
return get_average_time(lambda *a: run_funcptr(fnp, *a), args, warmup, iterations)
return get_stat(lambda *a: run_funcptr(fnp, *a), args, warmup, iterations)
def get_display_str(stat):
output = "average: %(average)s\n" \
"min: %(t_min)s\n" \
"max: %(t_max)s\n" \
"std_dev: %(std_dev)s\n"
return output % stat
N = 30
warmup = 0
iterations = 1
t_cpython = get_average_time(run_cpython, [N], warmup, iterations=iterations)
t_pypy_nojit = get_average_time(run_pypy_nojit, [N], warmup, iterations=iterations)
t_pypy = get_average_time(run_pypy, [N], warmup, iterations=iterations)
t_rpyc = get_average_time_compiled(compile_rpython_c, [N], warmup, iterations=iterations)
t_rpyc_jit = get_average_time_compiled(compile_rpython_c_jit, [N], warmup, iterations=iterations)
t_rpyc_mu = get_average_time_compiled(compile_rpython_mu, [N], warmup, iterations=iterations)
t_c = get_average_time_compiled(compile_c, [N], warmup, iterations=iterations)
print "CPython:", t_cpython
print "PyPy (no JIT):", t_pypy_nojit
print "PyPy:", t_pypy
print "RPython C:", t_rpyc
print "RPython C (with JIT):", t_rpyc_jit
print "RPython Mu Zebu:", t_rpyc_mu
print "C:", t_c
iterations = 10
results = {
'cpython': get_stat(run_cpython, [N], warmup, iterations=iterations),
'pypy_nojit': get_stat(run_pypy_nojit, [N], warmup, iterations=iterations),
'pypy': get_stat(run_pypy, [N], warmup, iterations=iterations),
'rpy_c': get_stat_compiled(compile_rpython_c, [N], warmup, iterations=iterations),
'rpy_c_jit': get_stat_compiled(compile_rpython_c_jit, [N], warmup, iterations=iterations),
'rpy_mu': get_stat_compiled(compile_rpython_mu, [N], warmup, iterations=iterations),
'c': get_stat_compiled(compile_c, [N], warmup, iterations=iterations),
for python, result in results.items():
print '\033[35m---- %(python)s ----\033[0m' % locals()
print get_display_str(result)
if __name__ == '__main__':
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