Commit 759cf42a authored by John Zhang's avatar John Zhang

add dtoa test

parent 1fc42b41
......@@ -1158,6 +1158,19 @@ def test_rpytarget_richards():
res = run_boot_image(main, '/tmp/test_richards-mu', args=['5'])
assert res.returncode == 0, res.err
def test_dtoa():
from rpython.rlib.rdtoa import dtoa
from import print_
def main(argv):
return 0
res = run_boot_image(main, '/tmp/test_print_float-mu', args=['2'])
assert res.returncode == 0, res.err
assert res.out == '3.14\n'
@pytest.mark.xfail(reason='KeyError exception')
def test_rpytarget_testdicts():
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