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Commit 7739566b authored by qinsoon's avatar qinsoon
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removing unused MuBundle in ast create

parent bc43c9ea
use ir::*;
use ptr::*;
use types::*;
use utils::LinkedHashMap;
pub struct MuBundle {
pub id: MuID,
pub type_defs: LinkedHashMap<MuID, P<MuType>>,
pub func_sigs: LinkedHashMap<MuID, P<MuFuncSig>>,
pub constants: LinkedHashMap<MuID, P<Value>>,
pub globals : LinkedHashMap<MuID, P<Value>>,
pub func_defs: LinkedHashMap<MuID, MuFunction>,
pub func_decls: LinkedHashMap<MuID, MuFunctionVersion>,
// id_name_map: LinkedHashMap<MuID, MuName>,
// name_id_map: LinkedHashMap<MuName, MuID>
impl MuBundle {
pub fn new(id: MuID) -> MuBundle {
MuBundle {
id: id,
type_defs: LinkedHashMap::new(),
func_sigs: LinkedHashMap::new(),
constants: LinkedHashMap::new(),
globals: LinkedHashMap::new(),
func_defs: LinkedHashMap::new(),
func_decls: LinkedHashMap::new(),
// id_name_map: LinkedHashMap::new(),
// name_id_map: LinkedHashMap::new()
\ No newline at end of file
......@@ -33,7 +33,6 @@ macro_rules! select_value {
pub mod ir;
pub mod bundle;
pub mod inst;
pub mod types;
pub mod ir_semantics;
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