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Commit 7a1a071a authored by John Zhang's avatar John Zhang
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fix dependency on Mac OS X

parent e84fb3ec
......@@ -118,9 +118,13 @@ def fncptr_from_py_script(py_fnc, heapinit_fnc, name, argtypes=[], restype=ctype
# load libmu before rffi so to load it with RTLD_GLOBAL
libmu = preload_libmu()
from import dir_mu
loglvl = os.environ.get('MU_LOG_LEVEL', 'none')
emit_dir = kwargs.get('muemitdir', os.environ.get('MU_EMIT_DIR', 'emit'))
mu = rmu.MuVM("--log-level=%(loglvl)s --aot-emit-dir=%(emit_dir)s" % locals())
mu = rmu.MuVM("--log-level=%(loglvl)s --aot-emit-dir=%(emit_dir)s "
"--bootimage-external-lib=rpyc "
"--bootimage-external-libpath=%(dir_mu)s/rpyc" % locals())
ctx = mu.new_context()
bldr = ctx.new_ir_builder()
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