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documented rustfmt version with README

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......@@ -108,6 +108,17 @@ The header also includes Zebu-specific APIs, such as `mu_fastimpl_new()`.
Zebu allows the user to set options when creating a new instance.
The options can be found in [](src/vm/
## Contribution
#### Coding style
Zebu code base uses `rustfmt-nightly` default style (as defined in [Rust Style Guide](
with one exception - no trailing comma (see [rustfmt.toml](rustfmt.toml)). The CI
server marks commits as failed if the code is compliant to the style.
The CI server is using:
* `rust` nightly-2017-07-19
* `rustfmt-nightly` 0.1.9-nightly
## Bug reports
As Zebu is still in its early development, we expect bugs and
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