Commit a51a3282 authored by qinsoon's avatar qinsoon

Merge branch 'develop' into swapstack

parents 4838032a e57b828f
......@@ -109,7 +109,7 @@ int main(int argc, char** argv) {
id_943 = bldr_60->gen_sym(bldr_60, "@c_bufsz");
bldr_60->new_const_int(bldr_60, id_943, id_929, 0x0000000000000006ull);
id_944 = bldr_60->gen_sym(bldr_60, "@sig__i64");
bldr_60->new_funcsig(bldr_60, id_944, (MuTypeNode [2]){id_931, id_929}, 2, (MuTypeNode [1]){id_929}, 1);
bldr_60->new_funcsig(bldr_60, id_944, NULL, 0, (MuTypeNode [1]){id_929}, 1);
id_945 = bldr_60->gen_sym(bldr_60, "@sig_i32voidpi64_i64");
bldr_60->new_funcsig(bldr_60, id_945, (MuTypeNode [3]){id_928, id_931, id_929}, 3, (MuTypeNode [1]){id_929}, 1);
id_946 = bldr_60->gen_sym(bldr_60, "@fnpsig_i32voidpi64_i64");
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