Commit b1bebecf authored by Kunshan Wang's avatar Kunshan Wang

IRBuilder: Builds cmp, branch, branch2, ret.

parent 25aef1f5
This diff is collapsed.
This diff is collapsed.
...@@ -168,63 +168,85 @@ fn test_function_loading() { ...@@ -168,63 +168,85 @@ fn test_function_loading() {
let b = ((*ctx).new_ir_builder)(ctx); let b = ((*ctx).new_ir_builder)(ctx);
let id1 = ((*b).gen_sym)(b, csp.get("@i32")); let id_i32 = ((*b).gen_sym)(b, csp.get("@i32"));
let id2 = ((*b).gen_sym)(b, csp.get("@i64")); let id_i64 = ((*b).gen_sym)(b, csp.get("@i64"));
let id3 = ((*b).gen_sym)(b, csp.get("@sig")); let id_sig = ((*b).gen_sym)(b, csp.get("@sig"));
let id4 = ((*b).gen_sym)(b, csp.get("@func")); let id_func = ((*b).gen_sym)(b, csp.get("@func"));
((*b).new_type_int)(b, id1, 32); ((*b).new_type_int)(b, id_i32, 32);
((*b).new_type_int)(b, id2, 64); ((*b).new_type_int)(b, id_i64, 64);
let mut ptys = vec![id1]; let mut ptys = vec![id_i32];
let mut rtys = vec![id2]; let mut rtys = vec![id_i64];
((*b).new_funcsig)(b, id3, ((*b).new_funcsig)(b, id_sig,
ptys.as_mut_ptr(), ptys.len(), ptys.as_mut_ptr(), ptys.len(),
rtys.as_mut_ptr(), rtys.len()); rtys.as_mut_ptr(), rtys.len());
((*b).new_func)(b, id4, id3); ((*b).new_func)(b, id_func, id_sig);
let id_const99 = ((*b).gen_sym)(b, csp.get("@const_i32_99")); let id_const99 = ((*b).gen_sym)(b, csp.get("@const_i32_99"));
((*b).new_const_int)(b, id_const99, id1, 99); ((*b).new_const_int)(b, id_const99, id_i32, 99);
let id5 = ((*b).gen_sym)(b, csp.get("@func.v1")); let id_funcver = ((*b).gen_sym)(b, csp.get("@func.v1"));
let id6 = ((*b).gen_sym)(b, csp.get("@func.v1.entry"));
let id7 = ((*b).gen_sym)(b, csp.get("@func.v1.entry.x"));
let id8 = ((*b).gen_sym)(b, csp.get("@func.v1.bb1"));
let id9 = ((*b).gen_sym)(b, csp.get("@func.v1.bb1.exc"));
//let id4 = ((*b).gen_sym)(b, csp.get("@func"));
let mut bbs = vec![id6, id8]; let id_entry = ((*b).gen_sym)(b, csp.get("@func.v1.entry"));
((*b).new_func_ver)(b, id5, id4, bbs.as_mut_ptr(), bbs.len()); let id_bb1 = ((*b).gen_sym)(b, csp.get("@func.v1.bb1"));
let id_bbxxx = ((*b).gen_sym)(b, csp.get("@func.v1.bbxxx"));
let mut bbs = vec![id_entry, id_bb1, id_bbxxx];
((*b).new_func_ver)(b, id_funcver, id_func, bbs.as_mut_ptr(), bbs.len());
{ {
let mut args = vec![id7]; let id_x = ((*b).gen_sym)(b, csp.get("@func.v1.entry.x"));
let mut argtys = vec![id1]; let mut args = vec![id_x];
let mut argtys = vec![id_i32];
let id_add = ((*b).gen_sym)(b, csp.get("@func.v1.entry.add")); let id_add = ((*b).gen_sym)(b, csp.get("@func.v1.entry.add"));
let id_sub = ((*b).gen_sym)(b, csp.get("@func.v1.entry.sub")); let id_sub = ((*b).gen_sym)(b, csp.get("@func.v1.entry.sub"));
let mut insts = vec![id_add, id_sub]; let id_branch = ((*b).gen_sym)(b, csp.get("@func.v1.entry.branch"));
let mut insts = vec![id_add, id_sub, id_branch];
((*b).new_bb)(b, id6, ((*b).new_bb)(b, id_entry,
args.as_mut_ptr(), argtys.as_mut_ptr(), args.len(), args.as_mut_ptr(), argtys.as_mut_ptr(), args.len(),
0, 0,
insts.as_mut_ptr(), insts.len()); insts.as_mut_ptr(), insts.len());
let id_y = ((*b).gen_sym)(b, csp.get("@func.v1.entry.y")); let id_y = ((*b).gen_sym)(b, csp.get("@func.v1.entry.y"));
((*b).new_binop)(b, id_add, id_y, CMU_BINOP_ADD, id1, id7, id7, 0); ((*b).new_binop)(b, id_add, id_y, CMU_BINOP_ADD, id_i32, id_x, id_x, 0);
let id_z = ((*b).gen_sym)(b, csp.get("@func.v1.entry.z")); let id_z = ((*b).gen_sym)(b, csp.get("@func.v1.entry.z"));
((*b).new_binop)(b, id_sub, id_z, CMU_BINOP_SUB, id1, id_y, id_const99, 0); ((*b).new_binop)(b, id_sub, id_z, CMU_BINOP_SUB, id_i32, id_y, id_const99, 0);
let id_dest = ((*b).gen_sym)(b, csp.get("@func.v1.entry.dest"));
let mut dest_args = vec![id_z];
((*b).new_dest_clause)(b, id_dest, id_bb1, dest_args.as_mut_ptr(), dest_args.len());
((*b).new_branch)(b, id_branch, id_dest);
let id_a = ((*b).gen_sym)(b, csp.get("@func.v1.bb1.a"));
let id_ret = ((*b).gen_sym)(b, csp.get("@func.v1.bb1.ret"));
let mut args = vec![id_a];
let mut argtys = vec![id_i32];
let mut insts = vec![id_ret];
((*b).new_bb)(b, id_bb1,
args.as_mut_ptr(), argtys.as_mut_ptr(), args.len(),
insts.as_mut_ptr(), insts.len());
let mut rvs = vec![id_a];
((*b).new_ret)(b, id_ret, rvs.as_mut_ptr(), rvs.len())
} }
{ {
let id_exc = ((*b).gen_sym)(b, csp.get("@func.v1.bbxxx.exc"));
let mut args = vec![]; let mut args = vec![];
let mut argtys = vec![]; let mut argtys = vec![];
let mut insts = vec![]; let mut insts = vec![];
((*b).new_bb)(b, id8, ((*b).new_bb)(b, id_bbxxx,
args.as_mut_ptr(), argtys.as_mut_ptr(), args.len(), args.as_mut_ptr(), argtys.as_mut_ptr(), args.len(),
id9, id_exc,
insts.as_mut_ptr(), insts.len()); insts.as_mut_ptr(), insts.len());
} }
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