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Commit b6eb61bf authored by Isaac Oscar Gariano's avatar Isaac Oscar Gariano

Merge branch 'isaacs-thesis' of into isaacs-thesis

parents b3d6f636 1cce2eaf
......@@ -30,7 +30,7 @@ def test_PyPy():
flags = ['-O3', '--no-shared', '--backend=mu', '--mu-impl=zebu',
'--mu-vmargs', '--gc-immixspace-size=10737418240', '--mu-suplibdir=%(bin_dir)s' % globals()]
# flags = ['-O3', '--no-shared', '--backend=c', '--no-profopt']
args = ['--no-allworkingmodules']
args = ['--pybenchmodules']
cmd.extend(['--output=%s' % target])
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