Commit cc5f2249 authored by John Zhang's avatar John Zhang


parent 99c0d195
// Compile with flag -std=c99
#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <stdbool.h>
#include <dlfcn.h>
#include "muapi.h"
#include "mu-fastimpl.h"
int main(int argc, char** argv) {
MuVM* mu_29;
MuCtx* ctx_29;
MuIRBuilder* bldr_29;
MuID id_412;
MuID id_413;
MuID id_414;
MuID id_415;
MuID id_416;
MuID id_417;
MuID id_418;
MuID id_419;
MuID id_420;
MuID id_421;
MuID id_422;
MuID id_423;
MuID id_424;
MuID id_425;
MuID id_426;
mu_29 = mu_fastimpl_new();
ctx_29 = mu_29->new_context(mu_29);
bldr_29 = ctx_29->new_ir_builder(ctx_29);
id_412 = bldr_29->gen_sym(bldr_29, "@i8");
bldr_29->new_type_int(bldr_29, id_412, 8);
id_413 = bldr_29->gen_sym(bldr_29, "@i32");
bldr_29->new_type_int(bldr_29, id_413, 32);
id_414 = bldr_29->gen_sym(bldr_29, "@i64");
bldr_29->new_type_int(bldr_29, id_414, 64);
id_415 = bldr_29->gen_sym(bldr_29, "@stt");
bldr_29->new_type_struct(bldr_29, id_415, (MuTypeNode [3]){id_412, id_414, id_413}, 3);
id_416 = bldr_29->gen_sym(bldr_29, "@pstt");
bldr_29->new_type_uptr(bldr_29, id_416, id_415);
id_417 = bldr_29->gen_sym(bldr_29, "@sig_pstt_i32");
bldr_29->new_funcsig(bldr_29, id_417, (MuTypeNode [1]){id_416}, 1, (MuTypeNode [1]){id_413}, 1);
id_418 = bldr_29->gen_sym(bldr_29, "@test_fnc");
bldr_29->new_func(bldr_29, id_418, id_417);
id_419 = bldr_29->gen_sym(bldr_29, "@test_fnc.v1");
id_420 = bldr_29->gen_sym(bldr_29, "@test_fnc.v1.blk0");
id_421 = bldr_29->gen_sym(bldr_29, "");
id_422 = bldr_29->gen_sym(bldr_29, "@test_fnc.v1.blk0.pfld");
id_423 = bldr_29->gen_sym(bldr_29, "@test_fnc.v1.blk0.res");
id_424 = bldr_29->gen_sym(bldr_29, NULL);
bldr_29->new_getfieldiref(bldr_29, id_424, id_422, true, id_415, 2, id_421);
id_425 = bldr_29->gen_sym(bldr_29, NULL);
bldr_29->new_load(bldr_29, id_425, id_423, true, MU_ORD_NOT_ATOMIC, id_413, id_422, MU_NO_ID);
id_426 = bldr_29->gen_sym(bldr_29, NULL);
bldr_29->new_ret(bldr_29, id_426, (MuVarNode [1]){id_423}, 1);
bldr_29->new_bb(bldr_29, id_420, (MuID [1]){id_421}, (MuTypeNode [1]){id_416}, 1, MU_NO_ID, (MuInstNode [3]){id_424, id_425, id_426}, 3);
bldr_29->new_func_ver(bldr_29, id_419, id_418, (MuBBNode [1]){id_420}, 1);
mu_29->compile_to_sharedlib(mu_29, "test_getfieldiref.dylib", NULL, 0);
printf("%s\n", "test_getfieldiref.dylib");
return 0;
......@@ -11,3 +11,21 @@ def test_uptr_bytestore_load():
ui32 = ctypes.c_uint32()
assert fn(ctypes.byref(ui32)) == 0x8d9f9c1d
assert ui32.value == 0x8d9f9c1d
def test_getfieldiref():
class Stt(ctypes.Structure):
_fields_ = [('ui8', ctypes.c_uint8),
('ui64', ctypes.c_uint64),
('ui32', ctypes.c_uint32)]
fn, _ = fncptr_from_c_script("test_getfieldiref.c", "test_fnc",
stt = Stt()
stt.ui8 = 25
stt.ui64 = 0xabcdef01234567890
stt.ui32 = 0xcaffebabe
res = fn(ctypes.byref(stt))
assert res == 0xcaffebabe, "result: %s" % hex(res)
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