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Generate Rust structs for the C API.

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......@@ -4,3 +4,4 @@ emit/*
* This file contains the C-facing interfaces.
* It is basically the muapi.h header written in Rust. It does not contain any
* implementation-specific code. Most codes are simply generated from muapi.h.
// This file is for interfacing with C, so it is not idiomatic Rust code.
use std::os::raw::*;
// some hand-written function pointer types
pub type C_MuCFP_Func = extern fn();
pub type C_MuValuesFreer_Func = extern fn(*mut CMuValue, CMuCPtr);
pub type C_MuTrapHandler_Func = extern fn(
// input parameters
*mut CMuCtx,
// output parameters
*mut CMuTrapHandlerResult,
*mut CMuStackRefValue,
*mut *mut CMuValue,
*mut CMuArraySize,
*mut CMuValuesFreer,
*mut CMuCPtr,
*mut CMuRefValue,
// input parameter (userdata)
// GEN:BEGIN:Types
pub type CMuValue = *mut c_void;
pub type CMuSeqValue = CMuValue;
pub type CMuGenRefValue = CMuValue;
pub type CMuIntValue = CMuValue;
pub type CMuFloatValue = CMuValue;
pub type CMuDoubleValue = CMuValue;
pub type CMuUPtrValue = CMuValue;
pub type CMuUFPValue = CMuValue;
pub type CMuStructValue = CMuValue;
pub type CMuArrayValue = CMuSeqValue;
pub type CMuVectorValue = CMuSeqValue;
pub type CMuRefValue = CMuGenRefValue;
pub type CMuIRefValue = CMuGenRefValue;
pub type CMuTagRef64Value = CMuGenRefValue;
pub type CMuFuncRefValue = CMuGenRefValue;
pub type CMuThreadRefValue = CMuGenRefValue;
pub type CMuStackRefValue = CMuGenRefValue;
pub type CMuFCRefValue = CMuGenRefValue;
pub type CMuIBRefValue = CMuGenRefValue;
pub type CMuCString = *mut c_char;
pub type CMuID = u32;
pub type CMuName = CMuCString;
pub type CMuCPtr = *mut c_void;
pub type CMuCFP = *mut C_MuCFP_Func;
pub type CMuBool = c_int;
pub type CMuArraySize = usize;
pub type CMuWPID = u32;
pub type CMuFlag = u32;
pub type CMuTrapHandlerResult = CMuFlag;
pub type CMuValuesFreer = *mut C_MuValuesFreer_Func;
pub type CMuTrapHandler = *mut C_MuTrapHandler_Func;
pub type CMuBinOpStatus = CMuFlag;
pub type CMuBinOptr = CMuFlag;
pub type CMuCmpOptr = CMuFlag;
pub type CMuConvOptr = CMuFlag;
pub type CMuMemOrd = CMuFlag;
pub type CMuAtomicRMWOptr = CMuFlag;
pub type CMuCallConv = CMuFlag;
pub type CMuCommInst = CMuFlag;
pub type CMuTypeNode = CMuID;
pub type CMuFuncSigNode = CMuID;
pub type CMuVarNode = CMuID;
pub type CMuGlobalVarNode = CMuID;
pub type CMuLocalVarNode = CMuID;
pub type CMuConstNode = CMuID;
pub type CMuFuncNode = CMuID;
pub type CMuFuncVerNode = CMuID;
pub type CMuBBNode = CMuID;
pub type CMuInstNode = CMuID;
pub type CMuDestClause = CMuID;
pub type CMuExcClause = CMuID;
pub type CMuKeepaliveClause = CMuID;
pub type CMuCurStackClause = CMuID;
pub type CMuNewStackClause = CMuID;
// GEN:END:Types
// GEN:BEGIN:Structs
pub struct CMuVM {
pub header: *mut c_void,
pub new_context: fn(*mut CMuVM)-> *mut CMuCtx,
pub id_of: fn(*mut CMuVM, CMuName)-> CMuID,
pub name_of: fn(*mut CMuVM, CMuID)-> CMuName,
pub set_trap_handler: fn(*mut CMuVM, CMuTrapHandler, CMuCPtr),
pub struct CMuCtx {
pub header: *mut c_void,
pub id_of: fn(*mut CMuCtx, CMuName)-> CMuID,
pub name_of: fn(*mut CMuCtx, CMuID)-> CMuName,
pub close_context: fn(*mut CMuCtx),
pub load_bundle: fn(*mut CMuCtx, *mut c_char, CMuArraySize),
pub load_hail: fn(*mut CMuCtx, *mut c_char, CMuArraySize),
pub handle_from_sint8: fn(*mut CMuCtx, i8, c_int)-> CMuIntValue,
pub handle_from_uint8: fn(*mut CMuCtx, u8, c_int)-> CMuIntValue,
pub handle_from_sint16: fn(*mut CMuCtx, i16, c_int)-> CMuIntValue,
pub handle_from_uint16: fn(*mut CMuCtx, u16, c_int)-> CMuIntValue,
pub handle_from_sint32: fn(*mut CMuCtx, i32, c_int)-> CMuIntValue,
pub handle_from_uint32: fn(*mut CMuCtx, u32, c_int)-> CMuIntValue,
pub handle_from_sint64: fn(*mut CMuCtx, i64, c_int)-> CMuIntValue,
pub handle_from_uint64: fn(*mut CMuCtx, u64, c_int)-> CMuIntValue,
pub handle_from_uint64s: fn(*mut CMuCtx, *mut u64, CMuArraySize, c_int)-> CMuIntValue,
pub handle_from_float: fn(*mut CMuCtx, f32)-> CMuFloatValue,
pub handle_from_double: fn(*mut CMuCtx, f64)-> CMuDoubleValue,
pub handle_from_ptr: fn(*mut CMuCtx, CMuID, CMuCPtr)-> CMuUPtrValue,
pub handle_from_fp: fn(*mut CMuCtx, CMuID, CMuCFP)-> CMuUFPValue,
pub handle_to_sint8: fn(*mut CMuCtx, CMuIntValue)-> i8,
pub handle_to_uint8: fn(*mut CMuCtx, CMuIntValue)-> u8,
pub handle_to_sint16: fn(*mut CMuCtx, CMuIntValue)-> i16,
pub handle_to_uint16: fn(*mut CMuCtx, CMuIntValue)-> u16,
pub handle_to_sint32: fn(*mut CMuCtx, CMuIntValue)-> i32,
pub handle_to_uint32: fn(*mut CMuCtx, CMuIntValue)-> u32,
pub handle_to_sint64: fn(*mut CMuCtx, CMuIntValue)-> i64,
pub handle_to_uint64: fn(*mut CMuCtx, CMuIntValue)-> u64,
pub handle_to_float: fn(*mut CMuCtx, CMuFloatValue)-> f32,
pub handle_to_double: fn(*mut CMuCtx, CMuDoubleValue)-> f64,
pub handle_to_ptr: fn(*mut CMuCtx, CMuUPtrValue)-> CMuCPtr,
pub handle_to_fp: fn(*mut CMuCtx, CMuUFPValue)-> CMuCFP,
pub handle_from_const: fn(*mut CMuCtx, CMuID)-> CMuValue,
pub handle_from_global: fn(*mut CMuCtx, CMuID)-> CMuIRefValue,
pub handle_from_func: fn(*mut CMuCtx, CMuID)-> CMuFuncRefValue,
pub handle_from_expose: fn(*mut CMuCtx, CMuID)-> CMuValue,
pub delete_value: fn(*mut CMuCtx, CMuValue),
pub ref_eq: fn(*mut CMuCtx, CMuGenRefValue, CMuGenRefValue)-> CMuBool,
pub ref_ult: fn(*mut CMuCtx, CMuIRefValue, CMuIRefValue)-> CMuBool,
pub extract_value: fn(*mut CMuCtx, CMuStructValue, c_int)-> CMuValue,
pub insert_value: fn(*mut CMuCtx, CMuStructValue, c_int, CMuValue)-> CMuStructValue,
pub extract_element: fn(*mut CMuCtx, CMuSeqValue, CMuIntValue)-> CMuValue,
pub insert_element: fn(*mut CMuCtx, CMuSeqValue, CMuIntValue, CMuValue)-> CMuSeqValue,
pub new_fixed: fn(*mut CMuCtx, CMuID)-> CMuRefValue,
pub new_hybrid: fn(*mut CMuCtx, CMuID, CMuIntValue)-> CMuRefValue,
pub refcast: fn(*mut CMuCtx, CMuGenRefValue, CMuID)-> CMuGenRefValue,
pub get_iref: fn(*mut CMuCtx, CMuRefValue)-> CMuIRefValue,
pub get_field_iref: fn(*mut CMuCtx, CMuIRefValue, c_int)-> CMuIRefValue,
pub get_elem_iref: fn(*mut CMuCtx, CMuIRefValue, CMuIntValue)-> CMuIRefValue,
pub shift_iref: fn(*mut CMuCtx, CMuIRefValue, CMuIntValue)-> CMuIRefValue,
pub get_var_part_iref: fn(*mut CMuCtx, CMuIRefValue)-> CMuIRefValue,
pub load: fn(*mut CMuCtx, CMuMemOrd, CMuIRefValue)-> CMuValue,
pub store: fn(*mut CMuCtx, CMuMemOrd, CMuIRefValue, CMuValue),
pub cmpxchg: fn(*mut CMuCtx, CMuMemOrd, CMuMemOrd, CMuBool, CMuIRefValue, CMuValue, CMuValue, *mut CMuBool)-> CMuValue,
pub atomicrmw: fn(*mut CMuCtx, CMuMemOrd, CMuAtomicRMWOptr, CMuIRefValue, CMuValue)-> CMuValue,
pub fence: fn(*mut CMuCtx, CMuMemOrd),
pub new_stack: fn(*mut CMuCtx, CMuFuncRefValue)-> CMuStackRefValue,
pub new_thread_nor: fn(*mut CMuCtx, CMuStackRefValue, CMuRefValue, *mut CMuValue, CMuArraySize)-> CMuThreadRefValue,
pub new_thread_exc: fn(*mut CMuCtx, CMuStackRefValue, CMuRefValue, CMuRefValue)-> CMuThreadRefValue,
pub kill_stack: fn(*mut CMuCtx, CMuStackRefValue),
pub set_threadlocal: fn(*mut CMuCtx, CMuThreadRefValue, CMuRefValue),
pub get_threadlocal: fn(*mut CMuCtx, CMuThreadRefValue)-> CMuRefValue,
pub new_cursor: fn(*mut CMuCtx, CMuStackRefValue)-> CMuFCRefValue,
pub next_frame: fn(*mut CMuCtx, CMuFCRefValue),
pub copy_cursor: fn(*mut CMuCtx, CMuFCRefValue)-> CMuFCRefValue,
pub close_cursor: fn(*mut CMuCtx, CMuFCRefValue),
pub cur_func: fn(*mut CMuCtx, CMuFCRefValue)-> CMuID,
pub cur_func_ver: fn(*mut CMuCtx, CMuFCRefValue)-> CMuID,
pub cur_inst: fn(*mut CMuCtx, CMuFCRefValue)-> CMuID,
pub dump_keepalives: fn(*mut CMuCtx, CMuFCRefValue, *mut CMuValue),
pub pop_frames_to: fn(*mut CMuCtx, CMuFCRefValue),
pub push_frame: fn(*mut CMuCtx, CMuStackRefValue, CMuFuncRefValue),
pub tr64_is_fp: fn(*mut CMuCtx, CMuTagRef64Value)-> CMuBool,
pub tr64_is_int: fn(*mut CMuCtx, CMuTagRef64Value)-> CMuBool,
pub tr64_is_ref: fn(*mut CMuCtx, CMuTagRef64Value)-> CMuBool,
pub tr64_to_fp: fn(*mut CMuCtx, CMuTagRef64Value)-> CMuDoubleValue,
pub tr64_to_int: fn(*mut CMuCtx, CMuTagRef64Value)-> CMuIntValue,
pub tr64_to_ref: fn(*mut CMuCtx, CMuTagRef64Value)-> CMuRefValue,
pub tr64_to_tag: fn(*mut CMuCtx, CMuTagRef64Value)-> CMuIntValue,
pub tr64_from_fp: fn(*mut CMuCtx, CMuDoubleValue)-> CMuTagRef64Value,
pub tr64_from_int: fn(*mut CMuCtx, CMuIntValue)-> CMuTagRef64Value,
pub tr64_from_ref: fn(*mut CMuCtx, CMuRefValue, CMuIntValue)-> CMuTagRef64Value,
pub enable_watchpoint: fn(*mut CMuCtx, CMuWPID),
pub disable_watchpoint: fn(*mut CMuCtx, CMuWPID),
pub pin: fn(*mut CMuCtx, CMuValue)-> CMuUPtrValue,
pub unpin: fn(*mut CMuCtx, CMuValue),
pub get_addr: fn(*mut CMuCtx, CMuValue)-> CMuUPtrValue,
pub expose: fn(*mut CMuCtx, CMuFuncRefValue, CMuCallConv, CMuIntValue)-> CMuValue,
pub unexpose: fn(*mut CMuCtx, CMuCallConv, CMuValue),
pub new_ir_builder: fn(*mut CMuCtx)-> *mut CMuIRBuilder,
pub make_boot_image: fn(*mut CMuCtx, *mut CMuID, CMuArraySize, CMuFuncRefValue, CMuStackRefValue, CMuRefValue, *mut CMuIRefValue, *mut CMuCString, CMuArraySize, *mut CMuIRefValue, *mut CMuCString, CMuArraySize, CMuCString),
pub struct CMuIRBuilder {
pub header: *mut c_void,
pub load: fn(*mut CMuIRBuilder),
pub abort: fn(*mut CMuIRBuilder),
pub gen_sym: fn(*mut CMuIRBuilder, CMuCString)-> CMuID,
pub new_type_int: fn(*mut CMuIRBuilder, CMuID, c_int),
pub new_type_float: fn(*mut CMuIRBuilder, CMuID),
pub new_type_double: fn(*mut CMuIRBuilder, CMuID),
pub new_type_uptr: fn(*mut CMuIRBuilder, CMuID, CMuTypeNode),
pub new_type_ufuncptr: fn(*mut CMuIRBuilder, CMuID, CMuFuncSigNode),
pub new_type_struct: fn(*mut CMuIRBuilder, CMuID, *mut CMuTypeNode, CMuArraySize),
pub new_type_hybrid: fn(*mut CMuIRBuilder, CMuID, *mut CMuTypeNode, CMuArraySize, CMuTypeNode),
pub new_type_array: fn(*mut CMuIRBuilder, CMuID, CMuTypeNode, u64),
pub new_type_vector: fn(*mut CMuIRBuilder, CMuID, CMuTypeNode, u64),
pub new_type_void: fn(*mut CMuIRBuilder, CMuID),
pub new_type_ref: fn(*mut CMuIRBuilder, CMuID, CMuTypeNode),
pub new_type_iref: fn(*mut CMuIRBuilder, CMuID, CMuTypeNode),
pub new_type_weakref: fn(*mut CMuIRBuilder, CMuID, CMuTypeNode),
pub new_type_funcref: fn(*mut CMuIRBuilder, CMuID, CMuFuncSigNode),
pub new_type_tagref64: fn(*mut CMuIRBuilder, CMuID),
pub new_type_threadref: fn(*mut CMuIRBuilder, CMuID),
pub new_type_stackref: fn(*mut CMuIRBuilder, CMuID),
pub new_type_framecursorref: fn(*mut CMuIRBuilder, CMuID),
pub new_type_irbuilderref: fn(*mut CMuIRBuilder, CMuID),
pub new_funcsig: fn(*mut CMuIRBuilder, CMuID, *mut CMuTypeNode, CMuArraySize, *mut CMuTypeNode, CMuArraySize),
pub new_const_int: fn(*mut CMuIRBuilder, CMuID, CMuTypeNode, u64),
pub new_const_int_ex: fn(*mut CMuIRBuilder, CMuID, CMuTypeNode, *mut u64, CMuArraySize),
pub new_const_float: fn(*mut CMuIRBuilder, CMuID, CMuTypeNode, f32),
pub new_const_double: fn(*mut CMuIRBuilder, CMuID, CMuTypeNode, f64),
pub new_const_null: fn(*mut CMuIRBuilder, CMuID, CMuTypeNode),
pub new_const_seq: fn(*mut CMuIRBuilder, CMuID, CMuTypeNode, *mut CMuGlobalVarNode, CMuArraySize),
pub new_const_extern: fn(*mut CMuIRBuilder, CMuID, CMuTypeNode, CMuCString),
pub new_global_cell: fn(*mut CMuIRBuilder, CMuID, CMuTypeNode),
pub new_func: fn(*mut CMuIRBuilder, CMuID, CMuFuncSigNode),
pub new_exp_func: fn(*mut CMuIRBuilder, CMuID, CMuFuncNode, CMuCallConv, CMuConstNode),
pub new_func_ver: fn(*mut CMuIRBuilder, CMuID, CMuFuncNode, *mut CMuBBNode, CMuArraySize),
pub new_bb: fn(*mut CMuIRBuilder, CMuID, *mut CMuID, *mut CMuTypeNode, CMuArraySize, CMuID, *mut CMuInstNode, CMuArraySize),
pub new_dest_clause: fn(*mut CMuIRBuilder, CMuID, CMuBBNode, *mut CMuVarNode, CMuArraySize),
pub new_exc_clause: fn(*mut CMuIRBuilder, CMuID, CMuDestClause, CMuDestClause),
pub new_keepalive_clause: fn(*mut CMuIRBuilder, CMuID, *mut CMuLocalVarNode, CMuArraySize),
pub new_csc_ret_with: fn(*mut CMuIRBuilder, CMuID, *mut CMuTypeNode, CMuArraySize),
pub new_csc_kill_old: fn(*mut CMuIRBuilder, CMuID),
pub new_nsc_pass_values: fn(*mut CMuIRBuilder, CMuID, *mut CMuTypeNode, *mut CMuVarNode, CMuArraySize),
pub new_nsc_throw_exc: fn(*mut CMuIRBuilder, CMuID, CMuVarNode),
pub new_binop: fn(*mut CMuIRBuilder, CMuID, CMuID, CMuBinOptr, CMuTypeNode, CMuVarNode, CMuVarNode, CMuExcClause),
pub new_binop_with_status: fn(*mut CMuIRBuilder, CMuID, CMuID, *mut CMuID, CMuArraySize, CMuBinOptr, CMuBinOpStatus, CMuTypeNode, CMuVarNode, CMuVarNode, CMuExcClause),
pub new_cmp: fn(*mut CMuIRBuilder, CMuID, CMuID, CMuCmpOptr, CMuTypeNode, CMuVarNode, CMuVarNode),
pub new_conv: fn(*mut CMuIRBuilder, CMuID, CMuID, CMuConvOptr, CMuTypeNode, CMuTypeNode, CMuVarNode),
pub new_select: fn(*mut CMuIRBuilder, CMuID, CMuID, CMuTypeNode, CMuTypeNode, CMuVarNode, CMuVarNode, CMuVarNode),
pub new_branch: fn(*mut CMuIRBuilder, CMuID, CMuDestClause),
pub new_branch2: fn(*mut CMuIRBuilder, CMuID, CMuVarNode, CMuDestClause, CMuDestClause),
pub new_switch: fn(*mut CMuIRBuilder, CMuID, CMuTypeNode, CMuVarNode, CMuDestClause, *mut CMuConstNode, *mut CMuDestClause, CMuArraySize),
pub new_call: fn(*mut CMuIRBuilder, CMuID, *mut CMuID, CMuArraySize, CMuFuncSigNode, CMuVarNode, *mut CMuVarNode, CMuArraySize, CMuExcClause, CMuKeepaliveClause),
pub new_tailcall: fn(*mut CMuIRBuilder, CMuID, CMuFuncSigNode, CMuVarNode, *mut CMuVarNode, CMuArraySize),
pub new_ret: fn(*mut CMuIRBuilder, CMuID, *mut CMuVarNode, CMuArraySize),
pub new_throw: fn(*mut CMuIRBuilder, CMuID, CMuVarNode),
pub new_extractvalue: fn(*mut CMuIRBuilder, CMuID, CMuID, CMuTypeNode, c_int, CMuVarNode),
pub new_insertvalue: fn(*mut CMuIRBuilder, CMuID, CMuID, CMuTypeNode, c_int, CMuVarNode, CMuVarNode),
pub new_extractelement: fn(*mut CMuIRBuilder, CMuID, CMuID, CMuTypeNode, CMuTypeNode, CMuVarNode, CMuVarNode),
pub new_insertelement: fn(*mut CMuIRBuilder, CMuID, CMuID, CMuTypeNode, CMuTypeNode, CMuVarNode, CMuVarNode, CMuVarNode),
pub new_shufflevector: fn(*mut CMuIRBuilder, CMuID, CMuID, CMuTypeNode, CMuTypeNode, CMuVarNode, CMuVarNode, CMuVarNode),
pub new_new: fn(*mut CMuIRBuilder, CMuID, CMuID, CMuTypeNode, CMuExcClause),
pub new_newhybrid: fn(*mut CMuIRBuilder, CMuID, CMuID, CMuTypeNode, CMuTypeNode, CMuVarNode, CMuExcClause),
pub new_alloca: fn(*mut CMuIRBuilder, CMuID, CMuID, CMuTypeNode, CMuExcClause),
pub new_allocahybrid: fn(*mut CMuIRBuilder, CMuID, CMuID, CMuTypeNode, CMuTypeNode, CMuVarNode, CMuExcClause),
pub new_getiref: fn(*mut CMuIRBuilder, CMuID, CMuID, CMuTypeNode, CMuVarNode),
pub new_getfieldiref: fn(*mut CMuIRBuilder, CMuID, CMuID, CMuBool, CMuTypeNode, c_int, CMuVarNode),
pub new_getelemiref: fn(*mut CMuIRBuilder, CMuID, CMuID, CMuBool, CMuTypeNode, CMuTypeNode, CMuVarNode, CMuVarNode),
pub new_shiftiref: fn(*mut CMuIRBuilder, CMuID, CMuID, CMuBool, CMuTypeNode, CMuTypeNode, CMuVarNode, CMuVarNode),
pub new_getvarpartiref: fn(*mut CMuIRBuilder, CMuID, CMuID, CMuBool, CMuTypeNode, CMuVarNode),
pub new_load: fn(*mut CMuIRBuilder, CMuID, CMuID, CMuBool, CMuMemOrd, CMuTypeNode, CMuVarNode, CMuExcClause),
pub new_store: fn(*mut CMuIRBuilder, CMuID, CMuBool, CMuMemOrd, CMuTypeNode, CMuVarNode, CMuVarNode, CMuExcClause),
pub new_cmpxchg: fn(*mut CMuIRBuilder, CMuID, CMuID, CMuID, CMuBool, CMuBool, CMuMemOrd, CMuMemOrd, CMuTypeNode, CMuVarNode, CMuVarNode, CMuVarNode, CMuExcClause),
pub new_atomicrmw: fn(*mut CMuIRBuilder, CMuID, CMuID, CMuBool, CMuMemOrd, CMuAtomicRMWOptr, CMuTypeNode, CMuVarNode, CMuVarNode, CMuExcClause),
pub new_fence: fn(*mut CMuIRBuilder, CMuID, CMuMemOrd),
pub new_trap: fn(*mut CMuIRBuilder, CMuID, *mut CMuID, *mut CMuTypeNode, CMuArraySize, CMuExcClause, CMuKeepaliveClause),
pub new_watchpoint: fn(*mut CMuIRBuilder, CMuID, CMuWPID, *mut CMuID, *mut CMuTypeNode, CMuArraySize, CMuDestClause, CMuDestClause, CMuDestClause, CMuKeepaliveClause),
pub new_wpbranch: fn(*mut CMuIRBuilder, CMuID, CMuWPID, CMuDestClause, CMuDestClause),
pub new_ccall: fn(*mut CMuIRBuilder, CMuID, *mut CMuID, CMuArraySize, CMuCallConv, CMuTypeNode, CMuFuncSigNode, CMuVarNode, *mut CMuVarNode, CMuArraySize, CMuExcClause, CMuKeepaliveClause),
pub new_newthread: fn(*mut CMuIRBuilder, CMuID, CMuID, CMuVarNode, CMuVarNode, CMuNewStackClause, CMuExcClause),
pub new_swapstack: fn(*mut CMuIRBuilder, CMuID, *mut CMuID, CMuArraySize, CMuVarNode, CMuCurStackClause, CMuNewStackClause, CMuExcClause, CMuKeepaliveClause),
pub new_comminst: fn(*mut CMuIRBuilder, CMuID, *mut CMuID, CMuArraySize, CMuCommInst, *mut CMuFlag, CMuArraySize, *mut CMuTypeNode, CMuArraySize, *mut CMuFuncSigNode, CMuArraySize, *mut CMuVarNode, CMuArraySize, CMuExcClause, CMuKeepaliveClause),
// GEN:END:Structs
// GEN:BEGIN:Enums
pub const CMU_THREAD_EXIT: CMuTrapHandlerResult = 0x00;
pub const CMU_REBIND_PASS_VALUES: CMuTrapHandlerResult = 0x01;
pub const CMU_REBIND_THROW_EXC: CMuTrapHandlerResult = 0x02;
pub const CMU_BOS_N: CMuBinOpStatus = 0x01;
pub const CMU_BOS_Z: CMuBinOpStatus = 0x02;
pub const CMU_BOS_C: CMuBinOpStatus = 0x04;
pub const CMU_BOS_V: CMuBinOpStatus = 0x08;
pub const CMU_BINOP_ADD: CMuBinOptr = 0x01;
pub const CMU_BINOP_SUB: CMuBinOptr = 0x02;
pub const CMU_BINOP_MUL: CMuBinOptr = 0x03;
pub const CMU_BINOP_SDIV: CMuBinOptr = 0x04;
pub const CMU_BINOP_SREM: CMuBinOptr = 0x05;
pub const CMU_BINOP_UDIV: CMuBinOptr = 0x06;
pub const CMU_BINOP_UREM: CMuBinOptr = 0x07;
pub const CMU_BINOP_SHL: CMuBinOptr = 0x08;
pub const CMU_BINOP_LSHR: CMuBinOptr = 0x09;
pub const CMU_BINOP_ASHR: CMuBinOptr = 0x0A;
pub const CMU_BINOP_AND: CMuBinOptr = 0x0B;
pub const CMU_BINOP_OR: CMuBinOptr = 0x0C;
pub const CMU_BINOP_XOR: CMuBinOptr = 0x0D;
pub const CMU_BINOP_FADD: CMuBinOptr = 0xB0;
pub const CMU_BINOP_FSUB: CMuBinOptr = 0xB1;
pub const CMU_BINOP_FMUL: CMuBinOptr = 0xB2;
pub const CMU_BINOP_FDIV: CMuBinOptr = 0xB3;
pub const CMU_BINOP_FREM: CMuBinOptr = 0xB4;
pub const CMU_CMP_EQ: CMuCmpOptr = 0x20;
pub const CMU_CMP_NE: CMuCmpOptr = 0x21;
pub const CMU_CMP_SGE: CMuCmpOptr = 0x22;
pub const CMU_CMP_SGT: CMuCmpOptr = 0x23;
pub const CMU_CMP_SLE: CMuCmpOptr = 0x24;
pub const CMU_CMP_SLT: CMuCmpOptr = 0x25;
pub const CMU_CMP_UGE: CMuCmpOptr = 0x26;
pub const CMU_CMP_UGT: CMuCmpOptr = 0x27;
pub const CMU_CMP_ULE: CMuCmpOptr = 0x28;
pub const CMU_CMP_ULT: CMuCmpOptr = 0x29;
pub const CMU_CMP_FFALSE: CMuCmpOptr = 0xC0;
pub const CMU_CMP_FTRUE: CMuCmpOptr = 0xC1;
pub const CMU_CMP_FUNO: CMuCmpOptr = 0xC2;
pub const CMU_CMP_FUEQ: CMuCmpOptr = 0xC3;
pub const CMU_CMP_FUNE: CMuCmpOptr = 0xC4;
pub const CMU_CMP_FUGT: CMuCmpOptr = 0xC5;
pub const CMU_CMP_FUGE: CMuCmpOptr = 0xC6;
pub const CMU_CMP_FULT: CMuCmpOptr = 0xC7;
pub const CMU_CMP_FULE: CMuCmpOptr = 0xC8;
pub const CMU_CMP_FORD: CMuCmpOptr = 0xC9;
pub const CMU_CMP_FOEQ: CMuCmpOptr = 0xCA;
pub const CMU_CMP_FONE: CMuCmpOptr = 0xCB;
pub const CMU_CMP_FOGT: CMuCmpOptr = 0xCC;
pub const CMU_CMP_FOGE: CMuCmpOptr = 0xCD;
pub const CMU_CMP_FOLT: CMuCmpOptr = 0xCE;
pub const CMU_CMP_FOLE: CMuCmpOptr = 0xCF;
pub const CMU_CONV_TRUNC: CMuConvOptr = 0x30;
pub const CMU_CONV_ZEXT: CMuConvOptr = 0x31;
pub const CMU_CONV_SEXT: CMuConvOptr = 0x32;
pub const CMU_CONV_FPTRUNC: CMuConvOptr = 0x33;
pub const CMU_CONV_FPEXT: CMuConvOptr = 0x34;
pub const CMU_CONV_FPTOUI: CMuConvOptr = 0x35;
pub const CMU_CONV_FPTOSI: CMuConvOptr = 0x36;
pub const CMU_CONV_UITOFP: CMuConvOptr = 0x37;
pub const CMU_CONV_SITOFP: CMuConvOptr = 0x38;
pub const CMU_CONV_BITCAST: CMuConvOptr = 0x39;
pub const CMU_CONV_REFCAST: CMuConvOptr = 0x3A;
pub const CMU_CONV_PTRCAST: CMuConvOptr = 0x3B;
pub const CMU_ORD_NOT_ATOMIC: CMuMemOrd = 0x00;
pub const CMU_ORD_RELAXED: CMuMemOrd = 0x01;
pub const CMU_ORD_CONSUME: CMuMemOrd = 0x02;
pub const CMU_ORD_ACQUIRE: CMuMemOrd = 0x03;
pub const CMU_ORD_RELEASE: CMuMemOrd = 0x04;
pub const CMU_ORD_ACQ_REL: CMuMemOrd = 0x05;
pub const CMU_ORD_SEQ_CST: CMuMemOrd = 0x06;
pub const CMU_ARMW_XCHG: CMuAtomicRMWOptr = 0x00;
pub const CMU_ARMW_ADD: CMuAtomicRMWOptr = 0x01;
pub const CMU_ARMW_SUB: CMuAtomicRMWOptr = 0x02;
pub const CMU_ARMW_AND: CMuAtomicRMWOptr = 0x03;
pub const CMU_ARMW_NAND: CMuAtomicRMWOptr = 0x04;
pub const CMU_ARMW_OR: CMuAtomicRMWOptr = 0x05;
pub const CMU_ARMW_XOR: CMuAtomicRMWOptr = 0x06;
pub const CMU_ARMW_MAX: CMuAtomicRMWOptr = 0x07;
pub const CMU_ARMW_MIN: CMuAtomicRMWOptr = 0x08;
pub const CMU_ARMW_UMAX: CMuAtomicRMWOptr = 0x09;
pub const CMU_ARMW_UMIN: CMuAtomicRMWOptr = 0x0A;
pub const CMU_CC_DEFAULT: CMuCallConv = 0x00;
pub const CMU_CI_UVM_NEW_STACK: CMuCommInst = 0x201;
pub const CMU_CI_UVM_KILL_STACK: CMuCommInst = 0x202;
pub const CMU_CI_UVM_THREAD_EXIT: CMuCommInst = 0x203;
pub const CMU_CI_UVM_CURRENT_STACK: CMuCommInst = 0x204;
pub const CMU_CI_UVM_SET_THREADLOCAL: CMuCommInst = 0x205;
pub const CMU_CI_UVM_GET_THREADLOCAL: CMuCommInst = 0x206;
pub const CMU_CI_UVM_TR64_IS_FP: CMuCommInst = 0x211;
pub const CMU_CI_UVM_TR64_IS_INT: CMuCommInst = 0x212;
pub const CMU_CI_UVM_TR64_IS_REF: CMuCommInst = 0x213;
pub const CMU_CI_UVM_TR64_FROM_FP: CMuCommInst = 0x214;
pub const CMU_CI_UVM_TR64_FROM_INT: CMuCommInst = 0x215;
pub const CMU_CI_UVM_TR64_FROM_REF: CMuCommInst = 0x216;
pub const CMU_CI_UVM_TR64_TO_FP: CMuCommInst = 0x217;
pub const CMU_CI_UVM_TR64_TO_INT: CMuCommInst = 0x218;
pub const CMU_CI_UVM_TR64_TO_REF: CMuCommInst = 0x219;
pub const CMU_CI_UVM_TR64_TO_TAG: CMuCommInst = 0x21a;
pub const CMU_CI_UVM_FUTEX_WAIT: CMuCommInst = 0x220;
pub const CMU_CI_UVM_FUTEX_WAIT_TIMEOUT: CMuCommInst = 0x221;
pub const CMU_CI_UVM_FUTEX_WAKE: CMuCommInst = 0x222;
pub const CMU_CI_UVM_FUTEX_CMP_REQUEUE: CMuCommInst = 0x223;
pub const CMU_CI_UVM_KILL_DEPENDENCY: CMuCommInst = 0x230;
pub const CMU_CI_UVM_NATIVE_PIN: CMuCommInst = 0x240;
pub const CMU_CI_UVM_NATIVE_UNPIN: CMuCommInst = 0x241;
pub const CMU_CI_UVM_NATIVE_GET_ADDR: CMuCommInst = 0x242;
pub const CMU_CI_UVM_NATIVE_EXPOSE: CMuCommInst = 0x243;
pub const CMU_CI_UVM_NATIVE_UNEXPOSE: CMuCommInst = 0x244;
pub const CMU_CI_UVM_NATIVE_GET_COOKIE: CMuCommInst = 0x245;
pub const CMU_CI_UVM_META_ID_OF: CMuCommInst = 0x250;
pub const CMU_CI_UVM_META_NAME_OF: CMuCommInst = 0x251;
pub const CMU_CI_UVM_META_LOAD_BUNDLE: CMuCommInst = 0x252;
pub const CMU_CI_UVM_META_LOAD_HAIL: CMuCommInst = 0x253;
pub const CMU_CI_UVM_META_NEW_CURSOR: CMuCommInst = 0x254;
pub const CMU_CI_UVM_META_NEXT_FRAME: CMuCommInst = 0x255;
pub const CMU_CI_UVM_META_COPY_CURSOR: CMuCommInst = 0x256;
pub const CMU_CI_UVM_META_CLOSE_CURSOR: CMuCommInst = 0x257;
pub const CMU_CI_UVM_META_CUR_FUNC: CMuCommInst = 0x258;
pub const CMU_CI_UVM_META_CUR_FUNC_VER: CMuCommInst = 0x259;
pub const CMU_CI_UVM_META_CUR_INST: CMuCommInst = 0x25a;
pub const CMU_CI_UVM_META_DUMP_KEEPALIVES: CMuCommInst = 0x25b;
pub const CMU_CI_UVM_META_POP_FRAMES_TO: CMuCommInst = 0x25c;
pub const CMU_CI_UVM_META_PUSH_FRAME: CMuCommInst = 0x25d;
pub const CMU_CI_UVM_META_ENABLE_WATCHPOINT: CMuCommInst = 0x25e;
pub const CMU_CI_UVM_META_DISABLE_WATCHPOINT: CMuCommInst = 0x25f;
pub const CMU_CI_UVM_META_SET_TRAP_HANDLER: CMuCommInst = 0x260;
pub const CMU_CI_UVM_IRBUILDER_NEW_IR_BUILDER: CMuCommInst = 0x270;
pub const CMU_CI_UVM_IRBUILDER_LOAD: CMuCommInst = 0x300;
pub const CMU_CI_UVM_IRBUILDER_ABORT: CMuCommInst = 0x301;
pub const CMU_CI_UVM_IRBUILDER_GEN_SYM: CMuCommInst = 0x302;
pub const CMU_CI_UVM_IRBUILDER_NEW_TYPE_INT: CMuCommInst = 0x303;
pub const CMU_CI_UVM_IRBUILDER_NEW_TYPE_FLOAT: CMuCommInst = 0x304;
pub const CMU_CI_UVM_IRBUILDER_NEW_TYPE_DOUBLE: CMuCommInst = 0x305;
pub const CMU_CI_UVM_IRBUILDER_NEW_TYPE_UPTR: CMuCommInst = 0x306;
pub const CMU_CI_UVM_IRBUILDER_NEW_TYPE_STRUCT: CMuCommInst = 0x308;
pub const CMU_CI_UVM_IRBUILDER_NEW_TYPE_HYBRID: CMuCommInst = 0x309;
pub const CMU_CI_UVM_IRBUILDER_NEW_TYPE_ARRAY: CMuCommInst = 0x30a;
pub const CMU_CI_UVM_IRBUILDER_NEW_TYPE_VECTOR: CMuCommInst = 0x30b;
pub const CMU_CI_UVM_IRBUILDER_NEW_TYPE_VOID: CMuCommInst = 0x30c;
pub const CMU_CI_UVM_IRBUILDER_NEW_TYPE_REF: CMuCommInst = 0x30d;
pub const CMU_CI_UVM_IRBUILDER_NEW_TYPE_IREF: CMuCommInst = 0x30e;
pub const CMU_CI_UVM_IRBUILDER_NEW_TYPE_TAGREF64: CMuCommInst = 0x311;
pub const CMU_CI_UVM_IRBUILDER_NEW_FUNCSIG: CMuCommInst = 0x316;
pub const CMU_CI_UVM_IRBUILDER_NEW_CONST_INT: CMuCommInst = 0x317;
pub const CMU_CI_UVM_IRBUILDER_NEW_CONST_INT_EX: CMuCommInst = 0x318;
pub const CMU_CI_UVM_IRBUILDER_NEW_CONST_FLOAT: CMuCommInst = 0x319;
pub const CMU_CI_UVM_IRBUILDER_NEW_CONST_NULL: CMuCommInst = 0x31b;
pub const CMU_CI_UVM_IRBUILDER_NEW_CONST_SEQ: CMuCommInst = 0x31c;
pub const CMU_CI_UVM_IRBUILDER_NEW_GLOBAL_CELL: CMuCommInst = 0x31e;
pub const CMU_CI_UVM_IRBUILDER_NEW_FUNC: CMuCommInst = 0x31f;
pub const CMU_CI_UVM_IRBUILDER_NEW_EXP_FUNC: CMuCommInst = 0x320;
pub const CMU_CI_UVM_IRBUILDER_NEW_FUNC_VER: CMuCommInst = 0x321;
pub const CMU_CI_UVM_IRBUILDER_NEW_BB: CMuCommInst = 0x322;
pub const CMU_CI_UVM_IRBUILDER_NEW_DEST_CLAUSE: CMuCommInst = 0x323;
pub const CMU_CI_UVM_IRBUILDER_NEW_EXC_CLAUSE: CMuCommInst = 0x324;
pub const CMU_CI_UVM_IRBUILDER_NEW_CSC_RET_WITH: CMuCommInst = 0x326;
pub const CMU_CI_UVM_IRBUILDER_NEW_CSC_KILL_OLD: CMuCommInst = 0x327;
pub const CMU_CI_UVM_IRBUILDER_NEW_NSC_THROW_EXC: CMuCommInst = 0x329;
pub const CMU_CI_UVM_IRBUILDER_NEW_BINOP: CMuCommInst = 0x32a;
pub const CMU_CI_UVM_IRBUILDER_NEW_CMP: CMuCommInst = 0x32c;
pub const CMU_CI_UVM_IRBUILDER_NEW_CONV: CMuCommInst = 0x32d;
pub const CMU_CI_UVM_IRBUILDER_NEW_SELECT: CMuCommInst = 0x32e;
pub const CMU_CI_UVM_IRBUILDER_NEW_BRANCH: CMuCommInst = 0x32f;
pub const CMU_CI_UVM_IRBUILDER_NEW_BRANCH2: CMuCommInst = 0x330;
pub const CMU_CI_UVM_IRBUILDER_NEW_SWITCH: CMuCommInst = 0x331;
pub const CMU_CI_UVM_IRBUILDER_NEW_CALL: CMuCommInst = 0x332;
pub const CMU_CI_UVM_IRBUILDER_NEW_TAILCALL: CMuCommInst = 0x333;
pub const CMU_CI_UVM_IRBUILDER_NEW_RET: CMuCommInst = 0x334;
pub const CMU_CI_UVM_IRBUILDER_NEW_THROW: CMuCommInst = 0x335;
pub const CMU_CI_UVM_IRBUILDER_NEW_NEW: CMuCommInst = 0x33b;
pub const CMU_CI_UVM_IRBUILDER_NEW_NEWHYBRID: CMuCommInst = 0x33c;
pub const CMU_CI_UVM_IRBUILDER_NEW_ALLOCA: CMuCommInst = 0x33d;
pub const CMU_CI_UVM_IRBUILDER_NEW_GETIREF: CMuCommInst = 0x33f;
pub const CMU_CI_UVM_IRBUILDER_NEW_SHIFTIREF: CMuCommInst = 0x342;
pub const CMU_CI_UVM_IRBUILDER_NEW_LOAD: CMuCommInst = 0x344;
pub const CMU_CI_UVM_IRBUILDER_NEW_STORE: CMuCommInst = 0x345;
pub const CMU_CI_UVM_IRBUILDER_NEW_CMPXCHG: CMuCommInst = 0x346;
pub const CMU_CI_UVM_IRBUILDER_NEW_ATOMICRMW: CMuCommInst = 0x347;
pub const CMU_CI_UVM_IRBUILDER_NEW_FENCE: CMuCommInst = 0x348;
pub const CMU_CI_UVM_IRBUILDER_NEW_TRAP: CMuCommInst = 0x349;
pub const CMU_CI_UVM_IRBUILDER_NEW_WPBRANCH: CMuCommInst = 0x34b;
pub const CMU_CI_UVM_IRBUILDER_NEW_CCALL: CMuCommInst = 0x34c;
pub const CMU_CI_UVM_IRBUILDER_NEW_NEWTHREAD: CMuCommInst = 0x34d;
pub const CMU_CI_UVM_IRBUILDER_NEW_SWAPSTACK: CMuCommInst = 0x34e;
pub const CMU_CI_UVM_IRBUILDER_NEW_COMMINST: CMuCommInst = 0x34f;
// GEN:END:Enums
......@@ -35,7 +35,7 @@ def find_line(lines: List[str], substr: Predicate, start: int = 0) -> int:
if pred(lines[i], substr):
return i
raise KeyError("Not found: " + str(substr) + "\n text:" + str(lines) )
raise Exception("Not found: " + str(substr) + "\n text:" + str(lines) )
def extract_lines(parent: str, begin: Predicate, end: Predicate) -> str:
mod api_old;
mod api_new;
mod api_c;
pub use vm::api::api_new::*;
Converts MuCtx methods in muapi.h to nativeClientSupport
USAGE: python3
Code will be automatically generated to cStubs.scala
import sys
import os, os.path
import re
import tempfile
from typing import Tuple
import muapiparser
import injecttools
from muimplfastinjectablefiles import injectable_files, muapi_h_path
# C types to Rust types
_primitive_types = {
"void" : "c_void",
"char" : "c_char",
"int" : "c_int",
"long" : "c_long",
"int8_t" : "i8",
"uint8_t" : "u8",
"int16_t" : "i16",
"uint16_t" : "u16",
"int32_t" : "i32",
"uint32_t" : "u32",
"int64_t" : "i64",
"uint64_t" : "u64",
"intptr_t" : "isize",
"uintptr_t" : "usize",
"float" : "f32",
"double" : "f64",
_other_ptr_types = {
# In the most recent muapi.h, these can be identified as explicit pointers.
#"MuName", "MuCFP", "MuTrapHandler", "MuValueFreer"
# Add more types here if the regexp cannot identify some pointer types.
_self_getters = {
"MuVM*": "getMicroVM",
"MuCtx*": "getMuCtx",
"MuIRBuilder*": "getMuIRBuilder",
def type_is_explicit_ptr(ty):
return ty.endswith("*")
r_handle_ty = re.compile(r'^Mu\w*(Value)$')
def type_is_handle(ty):
return r_handle_ty.match(ty) is not None
r_node_ty = re.compile(r'^Mu\w*(Node|Clause)$')
def type_is_node(ty):
return r_node_ty.match(ty) is not None
def type_is_ptr(ty):
return type_is_explicit_ptr(ty) or type_is_handle(ty) or ty in _other_ptr_types
def type_is_handle_array(ty):
return type_is_ptr(ty) and type_is_handle(ty[:-1])
def type_is_node_array(ty):
return type_is_ptr(ty) and type_is_node(ty[:-1])
def to_rust_type(raw_type):
if type_is_explicit_ptr(raw_type):
base_type = raw_type[:-1]
base_rust_type = to_rust_type(base_type)
rust_type = "*mut " + base_rust_type
elif raw_type in _primitive_types:
rust_type = _primitive_types[raw_type]
rust_type = "C" + raw_type
return rust_type
#def to_jffi_getter(raw_type):
# if raw_type in _primitive_types:
# getter = _primitive_types[raw_type][2]
# elif type_is_ptr(raw_type):
# getter = "getAddress"
# else:
# raise ValueError("No JFFI Buffer getter: " + raw_type)
# return getter
#def to_jffi_setter(raw_type):
# if raw_type in _primitive_types:
# getter = _primitive_types[raw_type][3]
# elif type_is_ptr(raw_type):
# getter = "setAddressReturn"
# else:
# raise ValueError("No JFFI Buffer getter: " + raw_type)
# return getter
#_special_cases = {
# "id": "ID",
# "sint8": "SInt8",
# "uint8": "UInt8",
# "sint16": "SInt16",
# "uint16": "UInt16",
# "sint32": "SInt32",
# "uint32": "UInt32",
# "sint64": "SInt64",
# "uint64": "UInt64",
# "uint64s": "UInt64s",
# "fp": "FP",
# "uptr": "UPtr",
# "ufuncptr": "UFuncPtr",
# "iref": "IRef",
# "weakref": "WeakRef",
# "funcref": "FuncRef",
# "tagref64": "TagRef64",
# "threadref": "ThreadRef",
# "stackref": "StackRef",
# "framecursorref": "FrameCursorRef",
# "irnoderef": "IRNodeRef",
# "funcsig": "FuncSig",
# "bb": "BB",
# "binop": "BinOp",
# "tailcall": "TailCall",
# "extractvalue": "ExtractValue",
# "insertvalue": "InsertValue",
# "extractelement": "ExtractElement",
# "insertelement": "InsertElement",
# "shufflevector": "ShuffleVector",
# "newhybrid": "NewHybrid",
# "allocahybrid": "AllocaHybrid",
# "getiref": "GetIRef",
# "getfieldiref": "GetFieldIRef",
# "getelemiref": "GetElemIRef",
# "shiftiref": "ShiftIRef",
# "getvarpartiref": "GetVarPartIRef",
# "cmpxchg": "CmpXchg",
# "atomicrmw": "AtomicRMW",
# "watchpoint": "WatchPoint",
# "wpbranch": "WPBranch",
# "ccall": "CCall",
# "newthread": "NewThread",
# "newstack": "NewStack",
# "swapstack": "SwapStack",
# "comminst": "CommInst",
# "ir": "IR",
# "irbuilderref": "IRBuilderRef",
# }