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Commit d851145b authored by qinsoon's avatar qinsoon

[wip] remove reserve arg (we did it twice, so its nop)

parent a6998089
......@@ -3065,25 +3065,11 @@ impl <'a> InstructionSelection {
if !stack_args.is_empty() {
// deal with stack arg, put them on stack
// in reverse order, i.e. push the rightmost arg first to stack
// "The end of the input argument area shall be aligned on a 16
// (32, if __m256 is passed on stack) byte boundary." - x86 ABI
// if we need to special align the args, we do it now
// (then the args will be put to stack following their regular alignment)
// reserve stack args - we want to layout stack args as below
// RSP -> .............
// (padding)
// (padding)
// RSP -> argN, argN-1, ...
// so we need to layout args in reverse order
let stack_arg_tys = stack_args.iter().map(|x| x.ty.clone()).collect();
let (stack_arg_size, _, stack_arg_offsets) = BackendType::sequential_layout(&stack_arg_tys, vm);
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