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Commit d9125be7 authored by qinsoon's avatar qinsoon
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a test for SELECT double values

parent f9757b71
......@@ -210,6 +210,68 @@ fn select_eq_zero() -> VM {
fn test_select_eq_zero_double() {
let lib = linkutils::aot::compile_fnc("select_eq_zero_double", &select_eq_zero_double);
unsafe {
let select_eq_zero: libloading::Symbol<unsafe extern "C" fn(u64) -> f64> =
let res = select_eq_zero(0);
println!("select_eq_zero(0) = {}", res);
assert!(res == 1f64);
let res = select_eq_zero(1);
println!("select_eq_zero(1) = {}", res);
assert!(res == 0f64);
fn select_eq_zero_double() -> VM {
let vm = VM::new();
typedef! ((vm) int64 = mu_int(64));
typedef! ((vm) int1 = mu_int(1));
typedef! ((vm) double = mu_double);
constdef!((vm) <int64> int64_0 = Constant::Int(0));
constdef!((vm) <double> double_0 = Constant::Double(0f64));
constdef!((vm) <double> double_1 = Constant::Double(1f64));
funcsig! ((vm) sig = (int64) -> (double));
funcdecl!((vm) <sig> select_eq_zero_double);
funcdef! ((vm) <sig> select_eq_zero_double VERSION select_double_v1);
// blk entry
block! ((vm, select_double_v1) blk_entry);
ssa! ((vm, select_double_v1) <int64> blk_entry_n);
ssa! ((vm, select_double_v1) <int1> blk_entry_cond);
consta!((vm, select_double_v1) int64_0_local = int64_0);
inst! ((vm, select_double_v1) blk_entry_inst_cmp:
blk_entry_cond = CMPOP (CmpOp::EQ) blk_entry_n int64_0_local
ssa! ((vm, select_double_v1) <double> blk_entry_ret);
consta!((vm, select_double_v1) double_0_local = double_0);
consta!((vm, select_double_v1) double_1_local = double_1);
inst! ((vm, select_double_v1) blk_entry_inst_select:
blk_entry_ret = SELECT blk_entry_cond double_1_local double_0_local
inst! ((vm, select_double_v1) blk_entry_inst_ret:
RET (blk_entry_ret)
define_block! ((vm, select_double_v1) blk_entry(blk_entry_n){
blk_entry_inst_cmp, blk_entry_inst_select, blk_entry_inst_ret
define_func_ver!((vm) select_double_v1 (entry: blk_entry) {blk_entry});
fn test_select_u8_eq_zero() {
let lib = linkutils::aot::compile_fnc("select_u8_eq_zero", &select_u8_eq_zero);
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