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Commit e606ea2e authored by qinsoon's avatar qinsoon
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test u8 add

parent b99af7f1
......@@ -6,4 +6,5 @@ mod test_compiler;
mod test_alloc;
mod test_exception;
mod test_thread;
mod test_floatingpoint;
\ No newline at end of file
mod test_floatingpoint;
mod test_int;
\ No newline at end of file
extern crate mu;
extern crate log;
extern crate simple_logger;
extern crate libloading;
use self::mu::ast::types::*;
use self::mu::ast::ir::*;
use self::mu::ast::inst::*;
use self::mu::ast::op::*;
use self::mu::vm::*;
use self::mu::compiler::*;
use std::sync::RwLock;
use std::sync::Arc;
use mu::testutil::aot;
fn test_u8_add() {
let vm = Arc::new(u8_add());
let compiler = Compiler::new(CompilerPolicy::default(), vm.clone());
let func_id = vm.id_of("u8_add");
let funcs = vm.funcs().read().unwrap();
let func = funcs.get(&func_id).unwrap().read().unwrap();
let func_vers = vm.func_vers().read().unwrap();
let mut func_ver = func_vers.get(&func.cur_ver.unwrap()).unwrap().write().unwrap();
compiler.compile(&mut func_ver);
let dylib = aot::link_dylib(vec![Mu("u8_add")], "libu8_add.dylib");
let lib = libloading::Library::new(dylib.as_os_str()).unwrap();
unsafe {
let u8_add : libloading::Symbol<unsafe extern fn(u8, u8) -> u8> = lib.get(b"u8_add").unwrap();
let u8_add_1_1 = u8_add(1, 1);
println!("u8_add(1, 1) = {}", u8_add_1_1);
assert!(u8_add_1_1 == 2);
let u8_add_255_1 = u8_add(255u8, 1u8);
println!("u8_add(255, 1) = {}", u8_add_255_1);
assert!(u8_add_255_1 == 0);
fn u8_add() -> VM {
let vm = VM::new();
// .typedef @u8 = int<8>
let type_def_u8 = vm.declare_type(vm.next_id(), MuType_::int(8));
vm.set_name(type_def_u8.as_entity(), Mu("u8"));
// .funcsig @u8_add_sig = (@u8 @u8) -> (@u8)
let u8_add_sig = vm.declare_func_sig(vm.next_id(), vec![type_def_u8.clone()], vec![type_def_u8.clone(), type_def_u8.clone()]);
vm.set_name(u8_add_sig.as_entity(), Mu("u8_add_sig"));
// .funcdecl @u8_add <@u8_add_sig>
let func_id = vm.next_id();
let func = MuFunction::new(func_id, u8_add_sig.clone());
vm.set_name(func.as_entity(), Mu("u8_add"));
// .funcdef @u8_add VERSION @u8_add_v1 <@u8_add_sig>
let mut func_ver = MuFunctionVersion::new(vm.next_id(), func_id, u8_add_sig.clone());
vm.set_name(func_ver.as_entity(), Mu("u8_add_v1"));
// %entry(<@u8> %a, <@u8> %b):
let mut blk_entry = Block::new(vm.next_id());
vm.set_name(blk_entry.as_entity(), Mu("entry"));
let blk_entry_a = func_ver.new_ssa(vm.next_id(), type_def_u8.clone());
vm.set_name(blk_entry_a.as_entity(), Mu("blk_entry_a"));
let blk_entry_b = func_ver.new_ssa(vm.next_id(), type_def_u8.clone());
vm.set_name(blk_entry_b.as_entity(), Mu("blk_entry_b"));
// %r = ADD %a %b
let blk_entry_r = func_ver.new_ssa(vm.next_id(), type_def_u8.clone());
vm.set_name(blk_entry_r.as_entity(), Mu("blk_entry_r"));
let blk_entry_add = func_ver.new_inst(Instruction{
hdr: MuEntityHeader::unnamed(vm.next_id()),
value: Some(vec![blk_entry_r.clone_value()]),
ops: RwLock::new(vec![blk_entry_a.clone(), blk_entry_b.clone()]),
v: Instruction_::BinOp(BinOp::Add, 0, 1)
// RET %r
let blk_entry_term = func_ver.new_inst(Instruction{
hdr: MuEntityHeader::unnamed(vm.next_id()),
value: None,
ops: RwLock::new(vec![blk_entry_r.clone()]),
v: Instruction_::Return(vec![0])
blk_entry.content = Some(BlockContent{
args: vec![blk_entry_a.clone_value(), blk_entry_b.clone_value()],
exn_arg: None,
body: vec![blk_entry_add, blk_entry_term],
keepalives: None
blocks: hashmap!{ => blk_entry
\ No newline at end of file
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