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Commit ecfe0a36 authored by Isaac Oscar Gariano's avatar Isaac Oscar Gariano

Fixed bug in newhybrid

parent 08160d23
......@@ -1596,7 +1596,6 @@ impl<'a> InstructionSelection {
Instruction_::NewHybrid(ref ty, var_len) => {
trace!("instsel on NEWHYBRID");
let ty_info = vm.get_backend_type_info(;
let ty_align = ty_info.alignment;
let fix_part_size = ty_info.size;
let var_ty_size = ty_info.elem_size.unwrap();
......@@ -1610,13 +1609,15 @@ impl<'a> InstructionSelection {
let actual_size = fix_part_size + var_ty_size * (var_len as usize);
make_value_int_const(actual_size as u64, vm)
} else {
let tmp_actual_size = self.emit_ireg(var_len, f_content, f_context, vm);
let var_len = self.emit_ireg(var_len, f_content, f_context, vm);
emit_zext(self.backend.as_mut(), &var_len); // this will zero
let tmp_actual_size = make_temporary(f_context, UINT64_TYPE.clone(), vm);
// tmp_actual_size = var_len*var_ty_size
&cast_value(&var_len, &UINT64_TYPE),
var_ty_size as u64
// tmp_actual_size = tmp_var_len*var_ty_size + fix_part_size
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