Commit 50f25766 authored by Yi Lin's avatar Yi Lin

Merge branch 'fix_signature_equality' into 'develop'

Fix signature equality

See merge request !32
parents 136c86bd 488ac3bc
......@@ -804,13 +804,18 @@ impl MuType_ {
/// MuFuncSig represents a Mu function signature
#[derive(PartialEq, Debug)]
pub struct MuFuncSig {
pub hdr: MuEntityHeader,
pub ret_tys: Vec<P<MuType>>,
pub arg_tys: Vec<P<MuType>>
impl PartialEq for MuFuncSig {
fn eq(&self, other: &MuFuncSig) -> bool {
self.ret_tys == other.ret_tys && self.arg_tys == other.arg_tys
rodal_struct!(MuFuncSig{hdr, ret_tys, arg_tys});
impl fmt::Display for MuFuncSig {
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