Commit 574b2cac authored by qinsoon's avatar qinsoon

make the test use more variables

parent 6fb2d120
......@@ -2174,6 +2174,16 @@ fn preserve_in_catch_block() -> VM {
constdef! ((vm) <int64> int64_7 = Constant::Int(7));
constdef! ((vm) <int64> int64_8 = Constant::Int(8));
constdef! ((vm) <int64> int64_9 = Constant::Int(9));
constdef! ((vm) <int64> int64_10 = Constant::Int(10));
constdef! ((vm) <int64> int64_11 = Constant::Int(11));
constdef! ((vm) <int64> int64_12 = Constant::Int(12));
constdef! ((vm) <int64> int64_13 = Constant::Int(13));
constdef! ((vm) <int64> int64_14 = Constant::Int(14));
constdef! ((vm) <int64> int64_15 = Constant::Int(15));
constdef! ((vm) <int64> int64_16 = Constant::Int(16));
constdef! ((vm) <int64> int64_17 = Constant::Int(17));
constdef! ((vm) <int64> int64_18 = Constant::Int(18));
constdef! ((vm) <int64> int64_19 = Constant::Int(19));
funcsig! ((vm) sig = () -> ());
funcdecl! ((vm) <sig> preserve_in_catch_block);
......@@ -2193,6 +2203,16 @@ fn preserve_in_catch_block() -> VM {
consta! ((vm, preserve_in_catch_block_v1) int64_7_local = int64_7);
consta! ((vm, preserve_in_catch_block_v1) int64_8_local = int64_8);
consta! ((vm, preserve_in_catch_block_v1) int64_9_local = int64_9);
consta! ((vm, preserve_in_catch_block_v1) int64_10_local = int64_10);
consta! ((vm, preserve_in_catch_block_v1) int64_11_local = int64_11);
consta! ((vm, preserve_in_catch_block_v1) int64_12_local = int64_12);
consta! ((vm, preserve_in_catch_block_v1) int64_13_local = int64_13);
consta! ((vm, preserve_in_catch_block_v1) int64_14_local = int64_14);
consta! ((vm, preserve_in_catch_block_v1) int64_15_local = int64_15);
consta! ((vm, preserve_in_catch_block_v1) int64_16_local = int64_16);
consta! ((vm, preserve_in_catch_block_v1) int64_17_local = int64_17);
consta! ((vm, preserve_in_catch_block_v1) int64_18_local = int64_18);
consta! ((vm, preserve_in_catch_block_v1) int64_19_local = int64_19);
inst! ((vm, preserve_in_catch_block_v1) blk_entry_branch:
BRANCH blk_main (
......@@ -2204,7 +2224,17 @@ fn preserve_in_catch_block() -> VM {
......@@ -2223,6 +2253,16 @@ fn preserve_in_catch_block() -> VM {
ssa! ((vm, preserve_in_catch_block_v1) <int64> v7);
ssa! ((vm, preserve_in_catch_block_v1) <int64> v8);
ssa! ((vm, preserve_in_catch_block_v1) <int64> v9);
ssa! ((vm, preserve_in_catch_block_v1) <int64> v10);
ssa! ((vm, preserve_in_catch_block_v1) <int64> v11);
ssa! ((vm, preserve_in_catch_block_v1) <int64> v12);
ssa! ((vm, preserve_in_catch_block_v1) <int64> v13);
ssa! ((vm, preserve_in_catch_block_v1) <int64> v14);
ssa! ((vm, preserve_in_catch_block_v1) <int64> v15);
ssa! ((vm, preserve_in_catch_block_v1) <int64> v16);
ssa! ((vm, preserve_in_catch_block_v1) <int64> v17);
ssa! ((vm, preserve_in_catch_block_v1) <int64> v18);
ssa! ((vm, preserve_in_catch_block_v1) <int64> v19);
let foo_sig = vm.get_func_sig(vm.id_of("foo_sig"));
let foo_id = vm.id_of("foo");
......@@ -2233,14 +2273,15 @@ fn preserve_in_catch_block() -> VM {
block! ((vm, preserve_in_catch_block_v1) blk_normal);
block! ((vm, preserve_in_catch_block_v1) blk_exception);
inst! ((vm, preserve_in_catch_block_v1) blk_main_call:
CALL (const_funcref_foo_local, v0, v1, v2, v3, v4, v5, v6, v7, v8, v9)
CALL (const_funcref_foo_local, v0, v1, v2, v3, v4, v5, v6, v7, v8, v9,
v10, v11, v12, v13, v14, v15, v16, v17, v18, v19)
FUNC (0) (vec![]) CallConvention::Mu,
normal: blk_normal (vec![]),
exc: blk_exception ((1..11).map(|x| DestArg::Normal(x)).collect::<Vec<DestArg>>())
exc: blk_exception ((1..21).map(|x| DestArg::Normal(x)).collect::<Vec<DestArg>>())
define_block! ((vm, preserve_in_catch_block_v1) blk_main
(v0, v1, v2, v3, v4, v5, v6, v7, v8, v9) {
(v0, v1, v2, v3, v4, v5, v6, v7, v8, v9, v10, v11, v12, v13, v14, v15, v16, v17, v18, v19) {
......@@ -2268,15 +2309,26 @@ fn preserve_in_catch_block() -> VM {
ssa! ((vm, preserve_in_catch_block_v1) <int64> ev7);
ssa! ((vm, preserve_in_catch_block_v1) <int64> ev8);
ssa! ((vm, preserve_in_catch_block_v1) <int64> ev9);
let blk_exception_exit = gen_ccall_exit(ev9.clone(), &mut preserve_in_catch_block_v1, &vm);
ssa! ((vm, preserve_in_catch_block_v1) <int64> ev10);
ssa! ((vm, preserve_in_catch_block_v1) <int64> ev11);
ssa! ((vm, preserve_in_catch_block_v1) <int64> ev12);
ssa! ((vm, preserve_in_catch_block_v1) <int64> ev13);
ssa! ((vm, preserve_in_catch_block_v1) <int64> ev14);
ssa! ((vm, preserve_in_catch_block_v1) <int64> ev15);
ssa! ((vm, preserve_in_catch_block_v1) <int64> ev16);
ssa! ((vm, preserve_in_catch_block_v1) <int64> ev17);
ssa! ((vm, preserve_in_catch_block_v1) <int64> ev18);
ssa! ((vm, preserve_in_catch_block_v1) <int64> ev19);
let blk_exception_exit = gen_ccall_exit(ev19.clone(), &mut preserve_in_catch_block_v1, &vm);
inst! ((vm, preserve_in_catch_block_v1) blk_exception_threadexit:
define_block!((vm, preserve_in_catch_block_v1) blk_exception
(ev0, ev1, ev2, ev3, ev4, ev5, ev6, ev7, ev8, ev9) {
(ev0, ev1, ev2, ev3, ev4, ev5, ev6, ev7, ev8, ev9,
ev10, ev11, ev12, ev13, ev14, ev15, ev16, ev17, ev18, ev19) {
.typedef @stt798 = struct<@stt799 int<64> int<64> ref<@stt23> ref<@stt550> ref<@stt800> ref<@stt800> int<64>
ref<@stt801> ref<@stt23> ref<@stt38> int<64> ref<@hyb1> ref<@stt23> ref<@stt787> ref<@stt794>
int<64> ref<@stt23> ref<@stt16> int<8> int<8> int<8>>
.typedef @stt799 = struct<@stt679>
.typedef @stt679 = struct<@stt3>
.typedef @stt3 = struct<int<64> uptr<@stt2>>
.typedef @stt2 = struct<int<64> int<64> uptr<void> ref<@hyb1> int<64> funcref<() -> (ref<@stt3>)>>
.typedef @hyb1 = hybrid<int<64> int<64> int<64> int<8>>
.typedef @stt23 = struct<int<64> int<64> int<64> int<64> ref<void> int<64> ref<@hyb4>>
.typedef @hyb4 = hybrid<int<64> int<64> @stt24>
.typedef @stt24 = struct<ref<@hyb1> int<64>>
.typedef @stt550 = struct<@stt3 ref<@hyb1> ref<@hyb1> int<64> ref<@stt30> ref<@hyb1> int<8>>
.typedef @stt30 = struct<int<64> int<64> int<64>>
.typedef @stt800 = struct<@stt3 int<64> ref<@stt38> int<64> ref<@stt800> int<64> int<8> int<8>>
.typedef @stt38 = struct<int<64> int<64> ref<@hyb11>>
.typedef @hyb11 = hybrid<int<64> int<64> ref<@stt3>>
.typedef @stt801 = struct<int<64> int<64> ref<@hyb51>>
.typedef @hyb51 = hybrid<int<64> int<64> ref<@stt717>>
.typedef @stt717 = struct<int<64> int<64> ref<@stt3>>
.typedef @stt787 = struct<@stt3 int<64> ref<@stt38> int<64> ref<@stt1> int<64> ref<@hyb1> ref<@stt787>
ref<@stt23> ref<@stt23> int<64> ref<@stt1> int<8> int<8> int<8> int<8> int<8> int<8>>
.typedef @stt1 = struct<int<64> int<64> ref<@hyb2>>
.typedef @hyb2 = hybrid<int<64> int<64> ref<@hyb1>>
.typedef @stt794 = struct<@stt795 ref<@stt550> ref<@stt23> ref<@stt552> ref<@stt787> ref<@stt195> ref<@stt38>>
.typedef @stt16 = struct<@stt17 ref<@stt18>>
.typedef @stt17 = struct<@stt10 ref<void>>
.typedef @stt18 = struct<@stt3>
.typedef @stt10 = struct<@stt3>
.typedef @stt795 = struct<@stt679>
.typedef @stt679 = struct<@stt3>
.typedef @stt552 = struct<@stt3 ref<@stt38>>
.typedef @stt195 = struct<int<64> int<64> int<64> int<64> ref<void> int<64> ref<@hyb21>>
.typedef @hyb21 = hybrid<int<64> int<64> @stt196>
.typedef @stt196 = struct<ref<@stt3> ref<@stt3>>
.typedef @stt792 = struct<@stt2 int<8> int<8> int<8> int<8> int<8> int<8> int<8> int<8> int<8> int<8> int<8>>
.funcdecl mangle_0 <(ref<hyb1> ref<hyb1>)->(ref<hyb1>)>
.funcdecl ll_dict_getitem_3 <(ref<stt23> ref<hyb1>)->(int<64>)>
.funcdecl ll_dict_setitem_3 <(ref<stt23> ref<hyb1> int<64>) -> ()>
.funcdecl Scope_mangle_0 <(ref<stt787> ref<hyb1>) -> (ref<@hyb1>)>
.funcdef PythonCodeMaker_add_name_0<(ref<stt798> ref<stt23> ref<hyb1>)->(int<64>)> VERSION PythonCodeMaker_add_name_0_v1
blk0(<ref<stt798>>self_5492 <ref<stt23>>container_11 <ref<hyb1>>name_230):
irself_5492_0 = GETIREF<stt798> self_5492
irfself_5492_inst_scope_0 = GETFIELDIREF<stt798 14> irself_5492_0
v82546 = LOAD<ref<stt787>> irfself_5492_inst_scope_0
v82547 = REFCAST<ref<stt787> ref<stt3>> v82546
irv82547_0 = GETIREF<stt3> v82547
irfv82547_typeptr_0 = GETFIELDIREF<stt3 1> irv82547_0
v82548 = LOAD<uptr<stt2>> irfv82547_typeptr_0
v82549 = PTRCAST<uptr<stt2> uptr<stt792>> v82548
irfv82549_cls_mangle_0 = GETFIELDIREF PTR<stt792 7> v82549
v82550 = LOAD PTR<int<8>> irfv82549_cls_mangle_0
v311962 = EQ<int<8>> v82550 <int<8>>1
BRANCH2 v311962 blk5(v82546 name_230 container_11) blk1(v82546 name_230 container_11)
blk1(<ref<stt787>>v82551 <ref<hyb1>>v82552 <ref<stt23>>container_12):
irv82551_0 = GETIREF<stt787> v82551
irfv82551_inst_name_0 = GETFIELDIREF<stt787 6> irv82551_0
v82553 = LOAD<ref<hyb1>> irfv82551_inst_name_0
v82554 = CALL<(ref<hyb1> ref<hyb1>)->(ref<hyb1>)> mangle_0(v82552 v82553)
BRANCH blk2(v82554 container_12)
blk2(<ref<hyb1>> v82555 <ref<stt23>> container_13):
index_2893 = CALL <(ref<stt23> ref<hyb1>)->(int<64>)> ll_dict_getitem_3(container_13 v82555) EXC(blk3(index_2893) blk4(v82555 container_13))
blk3(<int<64>> v82556):
RET v82556
blk4(<ref<hyb1>> name_231 <ref<stt23>> container_14):
ircontainer_14_0 = GETIREF<stt23> container_14
irfcontainer_14_num_live_items_0 = GETFIELDIREF<stt23 1> ircontainer_14_0
v82557 = LOAD<int<64>> irfcontainer_14_num_live_items_0
CALL <(ref<stt23> ref<hyb1> int<64>) -> ()> ll_dict_setitem_3 (container_14 name_231 v82557)
BRANCH blk3(v82557)
blk5(<ref<stt787>>v82559 <ref<hyb1>>v82560 <ref<stt23>>container_15):
v82561 = CALL <(ref<stt787> ref<hyb1>) -> (ref<@hyb1>)> Scope_mangle_0 (v82559 v82560)
BRANCH blk2(v82561 container_15)
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